Full Face Talk-Thru Makeup Tutorial Feat. Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette Posted by admin on May 3rd, 2015 | Comments (25) |

Hello my bebes. Getchoooo popcorn ready, it’s a long juan! Enjoy and thank you for watching! I love you to the moon and back! xx ON MY NAILS: CHINA GLAZE “IN A LILY BIT” The self tanner I…

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25 Responses to “Full Face Talk-Thru Makeup Tutorial Feat. Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette”

  1. TheBeautyVaultxo

    HAPPY WEEKEND, MY FELLOW HOME BODIES. :) Thumbs up if you’re at home
    tonight chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool and all shootin’ some bball
    outside the school? xx?

  2. Sondra Sanchez

    Oooooh new vid… watching NOW?

  3. Teanna Alexis

    Convinced, I need that palette. I still get so excited to watch your
    videos, never change girl!?

  4. Juleen Forbes

    Damn girl I miss u. Luv the talk through ?

  5. Karen Cas

    You’re exactly right, witchcraft.?

  6. Maha Maven

    gorg, love the look?

  7. mommaoxox

    im at home, on a sat with my 4 yr old son n daddy is at work. we are always
    home # HOME BODIES!!!!!! ;] i would LOVE to see you do a look with the
    Tartlette its one of my fav’s. if u could pleassse use the purple color in
    the 3rd row over.( and the 3rd one down i think.) the light/dark lilac one.
    but whatever u come up with i kn its goint to be great. for the day and
    night look ;] thanks a lot hunny. love this look.. i also do a light lid
    with a darker cut crease. i think u were trying to say about questions ur
    life here and there is ok. its good to look at ones life and question it,
    it helps u look at the whole picture. everyone should be happy in their
    life, whats living if your not happy. but then again im not happy with my
    life right now and cant change it until other things change, and then my
    life will start over again ;} thanks 4 all that ya do for us. cant wait to
    see more videos. u rock hunny, love your free spirit !!!!! ~Corinne?

  8. CrazyBeautyBaby1

    Your eyes are gorgeous! ?

  9. Deja Bartlett

    28?!? I thought you were at MOST 23 years old?????

  10. Danielle Tavella

    We have the same birthday!
    Aries FTW ?????

  11. J Buck

    Seriously facking love you. You’ve reconfirmed that I need this palette in
    my life. Ps, you legit look 19. My almost 29 year old self resents you for
    that. But I still la la la love you!?

  12. zulfam1

    Does anyone know where you can buy la splash from online? ? (I live in the
    Great video by the way! ?
    I know this is random but have you tried the essence gel nail polishes? I
    saw them the other day in a shop but I have no idea how they are xx?

  13. jenn sanders

    Chillin eating Buffalo chicken dip waiting for mayweather/pacquiao fight to
    start….face is way to beat for this crowd…..Lol ?

  14. PrettyLittlePolishes

    The essence eye primer creases pretty badly on me :(?

  15. Savannah Summers

    Yay we have the same birthday. How much did you enjoy Easter birthdays as a
    kid! LOL. ?

  16. Loki9mm

    Lmao @ spitting out spells & Kat von d’s choice of names for make up , ok
    now you know that ish was funny when you spit your coffee all over your
    monitor Laughing. Thanks … You’ve just made my day ;)?

  17. Debi5202

    What a Beautiful look as always:) You look Gorgeous! I love the talk thru
    tutorials keep them coming. Hope you have a great weekend my friend. – Debi?

  18. Donna Alef

    omg girl I REALLY needed this little “beauty/life therapy” sesh. it gave me
    so much inspiration and motivation. much love from your local vancity

  19. ASDL

    I love the La Splash products. Ghoulish is a dupe for LC Cashmere. I saw so
    many people posting pics of both lipproducts on IG. I refuse to give LC my
    money so I bought a bunch of lipproducts from La Splash incl Ghoulish.?


    Omg u have a boyfriend hah i wish u the best (finally hah jk) ?????

  21. TooFaced_1112

    Seriously love how unfiltered you are. Such a babe. <3?

  22. Maria J

    I love talkthrough videos!?

  23. m¡®@G€

    Please do a BAE TAG..????
    Great talk through vido btw! ?????

  24. KARLA Perez

    I wish you were some type of career counciler hope you chose to fallow
    you’re dreams we all love you here on YouTube and I miss you’re videos when
    you go MIA for so long stop that! 😀 ?

  25. jennifer cantu

    You’re hilarious!!! ???? I love watching your videos because you’re so real
    in them. ?

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