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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy the 4 Looks I created with the Kat Von D Innerstellar Palette! Thanks so much for watching! xo Kristin CAMP COSMETICS Blush/Lip…

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24 Responses to “Kat Von D Innerstellar: 4 Looks 1 Palette!”

  1. redolentkate

    ~~semi sweet palette same thing: the lg’er 2 trans/highlight shades: semi
    =2.2 g vs 2.8 g in chocolate. The other 14 all the same .95 g in both.
    Slimmer palette– what people wanted, shade names printed on the palette
    itself and not the plastic liner — what people wanted. Price tag the
    same– which is what people want, well guess they would really want it for
    less. So somewhere a cost trade off. Have not played with my Inner KVD
    yet so thank you, thank you!! for the beautiful tutorial and review
    Kristin! ~~ It was one of my squeeze in all you can in buys before my no
    buy implemented. I bought the monarch and chrysalis too– haven’t played
    with either yet, but now curious about the change in g’s in those.
    ~~~either way Semi sweet breaks down to $2.76 per gram of e/s which =
    cheaper than for example MUG ($3.32 g plus Z $$ palette purchase if you
    choose a Z) and of course other “high end” brands~~ but I hear ya in the
    product amount change but product cost no change ~~ they hope we won’t
    notice. Love it all anyway. Keep your vids coming so much appreciated! ?

  2. Susie Gingerich

    I’m quite sure that Night Crawler is actually at the opposite end of the
    palette. Watch Kat Von D’s tutorial on Sephora’s YouTube. Not that it
    matters, just an FYI. I’m new to your channel so I’m gonna have to binge
    watch all your 1 palette, 4 looks videos! CHeers?????

  3. Susan W

    Ok first I love all the looks but as much as I love purple and would have
    thought that the 4th look would have been my fave, it wasn’t that third
    look was gorgeous, that by far was my favorite! I also have this palette
    and I do love it too! Great review and looks! <3 Susan?

  4. herlatenightcravings

    You totally nailed these looks! Gorgeous! I love them all but I think the
    first might be might all time fave! xoxo Jayme?

  5. Lindsay Does Nails

    So strange that they made the shadows smaller… trying to pull a fast one,
    I guess! I loooooved the purple on your eyes… so gorgeous! xx?

  6. LipglossLeslie

    This palette just tempts me!! I’ve resisted so far though! Lol! But this
    video makes it tough! ;-P I love the purple look on you, Kristin!! ?

  7. Laurie Jolicoeur

    Your eyes are so pretty Kristin. I think the 3rd look was my favorite, but
    they are all so pretty. Love your creativity. Need to repurchase creamcup
    lipstick, it’s the first MAC one I ran out of! Great video girl!?

  8. Kristen Kay

    You created some great looks with this palette. I haven’t picked this up
    but I like the packaging. Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing?

  9. Kristinn321

    If this isn’t a Kristin palette, I don’t know what is. Loved every look!

  10. msflipflopsandpearls

    Love the looks you created with this palette I have really been enjoying
    this one. I also love the name of the Lip Lava. :) xoxo Carolyn?

  11. Claire Kiefer

    I love this series and I think you’ve done a really great job this time of
    creating 4 really different eye looks, which can actually be kinda hard. I
    LOVE the Monarch palette–truly one of my favorites of all time–but I
    haven’t been drawn to the Innerstellar I guess cause it looks SO incredibly
    cool . . . and while I like some cool shades, I think maybe I’m a bit more
    partial to warm shades. I think the colors in this palette really look
    great on you though! And how weird about the shadow sizes!!! So curious
    what the brand has to say about that (the only palette I’m concerned about
    running out of though is the Lorac Pro since the pans are so teeny). xoxo!?

  12. Sarah Jones

    Loved this! Loved your purple eye look at the end. It was my fave!!!!!!
    They were all lovely but that was my fave. Thanks for sharing, sister. XOXO

  13. Vicki Boedges

    Kristin, I am so glad you did the 4 looks with this palette!!! These
    videos are always so helpful, giving us ideas to copy your looks!!!! You
    look so amazing and the colors make your gorgeous eyes stand out!! I
    wish Kat Von D & Co. wouldn’t mislead their loyal customers. Maybe they
    decided to raise their prices for 2015, but they shouldn’t be sneaky about
    it!!!! Lots of love!! xoxo ?

  14. Catawba Cats

    Stunning! Soooo glad you did this palette. I snapped it up when it first
    became available and am in love with it! I missed out on a
    now-discontinued KVD palette that was all the rage, so I was not about to
    let this one go by. xoC?

  15. chprbythedzn

    Kristen , I love these 4 looks especially if I have not purchased a
    palette, it gives me some idea if the palette will work for me. I love that
    your eyes smile at the end of each look. So cute. Keep doing these please.
    Thanks, xoxo Patty?

  16. Kari Michale

    Wow you did some beautiful looks!! I can’t decide which one I liked the
    best…maybe the 3rd one! So pretty!! Hugs!?

  17. Carolyn Campbell

    Love the freshness of this entire look:) ox Care?

  18. Debbie Kershner

    I have that pallette and love it too. But I am disappointed that they
    decreased the amount of product. I did not know that. You are correct in
    saying that it is deceiving. These companies have to realize that if they
    lose our trust, we can just move on to something else. There is no
    shortage of cosmetics out there.?

  19. J Hughes

    Kristin you made me a very happy lady today, when I saw this video! As a
    palette junkie, I love this series! I have been enjoying my Innerstellar
    palette, especially “Astrological” and “Lunacy.”
    I have to add….. I LOVE those close ups of your eyes when you smile at
    the end!!! You have true smiling eyes! XO????~Jeannie ?

  20. Jen J

    Nice looks! I got this palette but I ended up returning it. ?

  21. wendy blassi

    I love all the looks Kristin gorgeous, love the jewel tones!! Hope you are
    staying warm up there sister!! xo Wendy?

  22. Leslie LeRoy

    I have enjoyed this palette, too. It appealed to me because it offered
    something different…at least for me. I loved looks #1 and # 4. Thanks for
    your time and effort on your videos. I watch every single one:)?

  23. Debbie A

    I didn’t think I would like this palette when I saw it on the Sephora
    website, but after your video I am having second thoughts! I think the
    first look was my favorite. The best part was finding out I already have
    the liner and lipstick you used. The lip color really caught my eye first.
    I will try that combo out tomorrow. Thanks!?

  24. Carey Holt

    Loved all the looks but 3 and 4 were my favorites!! Do you use something
    you like for eye cremes or serums? My eyelids are starting to get crepey
    ???????? I really don’t have an issue with crows feet. Thanks for the review
    and looks. I may add this to my list. ?????

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