Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Contour Palette| Swatches and First Impressions Posted by admin on January 13th, 2015 | Comments (25) |

Hey everyone! I put an order in for the Kat Von D contour palette when I heard that it was available! I felt that she would probably have a good palette sinc…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Contour Palette| Swatches and First Impressions”

  1. Jocelyn A

    Thanks for this video and comparing! Your videos are awesome and always so

  2. guera70ful

    This is why I don’t like contour palettes you pay for the full palette but
    in most cases you would only use one or two shades. Again you are the first
    youtuber I see using this palette Zen! You are doing a great job!?

  3. Marlene Guzman

    This was a great review/demo! I was wondering what shades of foundation you
    were? Because im trying to figure out what I’m going to do with the last
    highlight shade ! I’m an NC20 in mac ! ?????

  4. MakeupPhasesWith Mel

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m going thrive a huuuuge bronzing and
    highlighter phase right now. I liked the way all of the shades looked on
    you. Maybe you’ll like the darker colors better in the summer. Thanks for
    sharing! :)?

  5. Samantha M.

    Thanks for this! I have been on the fence about which contour palette to
    invest in, it was nice to see that you compared three side by side! This
    was very helpful. :)?

  6. BeautyByMeeleh

    Awesome video! I have the ABH Contour palette and I love it, Butttt i
    really love the color selection of this Kat Von D palette. I like that none
    of the shades are that orange. ?

  7. Michelle Slater

    Do you put the highlight under your eyes in the Kat pallet? I’m new to
    contouring….! I’m just not sure where exactly to put the highlight. I had
    to return the Anastasia kit because they were missy on me. Kat’s looks more
    tailored to us pale folks! ?

  8. muge oskay

    good comparisons,really helped me to decide.?

  9. Lisa Billson

    Aw, I’ve totally had that happen with my tires! Mine literally almost
    caught on fire haha and I had to wait foreverrrr for that to get fixed.
    I don’t even own that contour palette from Anastasia yet! I have soooo many
    contour products from work that I just haven’t gotten the chance to try
    yet! I think that’s why I held off on the palette anyways because I agree
    NO warm tones in contouring!!!! haha, that’s a huge pet peeve of mine.
    I actually like the looks of the Kat Von D palette, but I just have so many
    products I’ll probably skip on this?

  10. Torontoista

    I feel like the second row suited you best ?

  11. nats92lilac

    this is the best review video ever <3 i wasn't sure which contour palette i
    want but when you made the comparisons with the smash box one and the
    anastasia one it was all clear , i love the kat von d one ?

  12. JadesiBx36

    That was really helpful ;-)) thx so much for this video xoxo?

  13. Selena Layne

    This palette looks right up my alley! I’d really get some use out of it!
    The first two rows of contour/highlight looked great on you! The third row
    would be good for summertime. ?

  14. AleLovesYouu01

    OMGOSH it’s beautiful!!!?

  15. Mari Gomez

    Awesome review…you made my choice much easier!?

  16. duicynip

    Thanks for the review. I’d really like to see someone do a review on the
    Laura Mercier contour palette… But for some reason nobody is reviewing
    it. ?

  17. Mags B

    Thanks for the review! Which one would you recommend for medium skinned
    tone? The Kat Von D or the Smashbox one? Thanks!?

  18. rodliz1

    Awesome video.. thanks! Gracias?

  19. Hayli Cruz

    You seriously have THE BEST review/swatches/first impression tutorial
    videos!!! ?

  20. lotusblossom30

    Perfect video. So uhmm now we have to make a decision ah… Thank you so
    much it was really helpful. Carolina xo?

  21. ItsMeKristaE

    I LOVE Kat Von D products. I think I may be buying this.. especially since
    there is a cool tone shade. I don’t really prefer warm tones for everyday
    contouring. ?

  22. Lynette

    Super excited to get my hands on this!?

  23. Vanessa Guzman

    What eye shadow colors do you have on? Looks so pretty?

  24. pretty chinaa

    You are so pretty honestly you should be an actress or something?

  25. rla

    you totally remind me of jennifer love hewitt!!! great review btw.?

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