1st Impression : Demo : Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette and Brush Posted by admin on January 11th, 2015 | Comments (25) |

Open Me ‘n Watch in 1080p HD!! :) More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing in this video :) I saw on Kat Von D’s instagram that she’s coming out with a ‘Shade and Light’…

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25 Responses to “1st Impression : Demo : Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette and Brush”

  1. Rachel Haytsidt

    Wasn’t gawn get it. Think I’m gawn havta, cuz you said smooth. Anastasia
    shiz isnnnnn’t smooth, in my book. No gawd. Vanessa will probz be ballz
    deep in this kit :P?

  2. CosmeticsAddiction

    Hey there, Tara. I am a big fan, and I must tell you,i I really like you
    chanel and your taste in makeup is divine.Many of the beauty purchases I
    have made recently thus far, are of prodcts either shown or reviewed on
    your channel. I find we share pretty much the same taste in makeup.
    Funny thing I noticed, in Kat von D’s palette ..
    All of the powders targeted for Lightning start wth the letter L. All of
    the contouring (“shading”‘) powders, start with the Letter S.
    No doubt about it Kat von does put as much thought about naming her
    products, as she puts to the performance of them.?

  3. ll42863

    Love that you used this on the eyes as well because it shows you could buy
    this palette and just take this one palette with you when traveling and
    then maybe one sparkly shade if you wanted a little bit of non matte added
    to the look?

  4. MakeUpMLC

    Great comparison video. It was awesome to see all the products next to one
    another. Thanks for sharing. This looks like a great palette!?

  5. Elizabeth Weldy

    Oh my gosh, thank you soooo much for posting this today! I am a fair
    skinned, red head. Not super fair, but fair, and I’ve been researching
    these palettes to figure out which contour to purchase! What would you
    suggest being a fair skinned red head? I really love the colors in the
    Anastasia pallette but that Kat Von D palette is very pigmented. I just
    don’t want it to look like I contoured and and was using highlight, know
    what I mean? ?

  6. muge oskay

    Tara,illamasqua hollow is just so great,you should go ahead and get it for
    contour. it made my life so easy and it actually stays on all days unlikje
    other cream or powder contour products?

  7. Jocelyn g

    Love this review! I saw it on Kat Von D’s IG and I immediately wanted it
    but I held myself back…. I love that u compared it to other contour

  8. Bahar P

    Thank you so much for the in-depth review! It really helped to see this
    palette compared to the others many of us already have. It is SO hard to
    find true contour shades…seems like everyone wants to throw a warm
    bronzer into a palette but true shading contour shades are hard to get
    right. Thanks again!?

  9. Katherine Vasquez

    I love you’re videos! Their always so informative! Love you & you’re

  10. KC Love

    At first I thought, “Meh, I don’t need another contour palette.” But after
    watching your video, I know that I need it.

    LOVE your channel. It’s THE most informative and helpful, to me. Plus, I’m
    always in awe of how you make (what I think of as) “dramatic” eyes look so
    freaking gorgeous and glamorous. ?

  11. Marla Robinson

    I love the makeup you’re wearing today. So pretty. That lippy is such a
    pretty nude.?

  12. GuiltyOfFaceCrime

    I bought the contour palette the second I saw it on Facebook! I love it!
    MORE than the Anastasia one, haha, sorry, I had to. I didn’t buy the brush
    though, but still considering it. ?

  13. Shawneya Hedrick

    Super excited to see your empties video!!! I love her products and I could
    always use another contour kits?????

  14. girlcanpaint

    Great review & demo, can’t wait to get mine they are due here on monday :))
    I also go the Laura Mercier Cream contour palette so needless to say I’m
    excited about my order
    xoxo Ivette?

  15. queenapril0009

    Impressive, but so far I have been able to hold out against contour
    palettes. I’m just much too pale to justify these if I plan to only use one
    bronzer and maybe 2 highlighters- not to mention that I don’t change up
    bronzers for, like, months, and I have a multitude of highlighters.
    Hopefully I continue to not be sucked in so I can save money, haha!?

  16. Lucinda Robinson

    Amazing review as per usual ?????

  17. 25centsworth

    “I need sparkle on this face somewhere.” You made me really LOL. At your
    age with your beautiful skin, sparkle all you want until you can’t get away
    with it anymore! Once again, you do a great video! Amazing! Perhaps it
    was the lighting, but this palette looked a little dark for my fair skin,
    but I liked the contour color you used. I did notice some oxidation.
    Ladies with medium to dark skin tones are going to like this palette for
    sure. The formula looks nice.?

  18. Joye Smith

    Does anyone know if this contour palette is limited edition???

  19. ShanShortcakeBeauty

    I’ve been waiting for this! I couldn’t decide if I needed it but as a
    fellow pale princess I knew you’d steer me in the right direction! Pretty
    sure I need it. Right meow! ??????????thanks for the video girlll!?

  20. Lauri Tropea

    Call me crazy, but MAN….your cheekbones look CHISELED in this video!!!! ?

  21. samantha díaz

    Have you tried the new melt cosmetics eyeshadows?? I would love a review
    from you!!?

  22. wendy blassi

    Love it and especially the eye look!! I really want this palette! Hope
    you are staying warm!! Happy New Year!!?

  23. BlushingShadesofBeauty

    Was waiting for you to do this review and I’m so getting this!! Thank you
    for sharing and comparing it to others!!! I’m going to take a look at that
    brush first before I get it!! Thanks again!! Xo ?

  24. teresa bubbles

    Thank you so much for your reviews, Tara!! You are so informative, I really
    appreciate it~ I think I will use some of my christmas gift cards on this
    baby :-)?

  25. Cristen V.

    I just ordered this online from Sephora and am so glad to see you gave it a
    positive first impression! This was a bit of an impulse purchase which I
    don’t usually do with face products I haven’t swatched first since I am
    very pale but the shades looked too intriguing to pass up. I appreciated
    that you showed how the shades worked on the eyes as those will definitely
    be to dark to use on my face as well. Great video as always!?

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