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Shop Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette exclusively at Sephora What it is: A contour palette featuring three contour shades and three highlight shades, designed…

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21 Responses to “The Shade + Light Contour Collection Contouring with Kat | Sephora”

  1. Kim Richards

    I loveeeee how we can ALWAYS count on Kat to do these awesome videos for us
    showing her new products. And the fact that she doesn’t just have someone
    else do these videos (which I’m sure she could do!) really shows how much
    she cares about her product line and us, the consumers! It’s just fabulous
    and I love Kat and all of her products!! ?????????

  2. Andrea K

    “… These tones are really warm…” KVD
    That’s all I needed to know to be sure this won’t work. Why warm tones to
    contour? Shades are gray/green/taupe… Never warm!?

  3. Lindsey Chamberlain

    what lipstick is that???

  4. emrosecee

    Awesome! Can’t wait to swatch this in stores! Still looking for my perfect
    contour palette…?

  5. Carole Evans

    Can Sephora please come to the UK????? I know we can order from USA/France
    but, our choice is limited xxx (and i would definitely be a VIB rouge

  6. Beautiful-Dreamer

    seriously SEPHORA what is the exact name of that blending brush??? I need
    like 10 of them!?

  7. Bliss

    Kat is so amazing holy shit. ?????????

  8. Romina Paz

    Again those rings are amazing!?

  9. ohmmyganesh

    I think she made her whole face look bad with the contouring and not
    natural at all, the lines are harsh and she must be going for some kind of
    creepy michael jackson nose look…. The palette looks great tho, wish we
    had it in the netherlands?

  10. BootsieDior74

    You are SO gorgeous! I love watching your tutorials xo?

  11. Beautiful-Dreamer

    what is the blending brush she is using?! Does anyone know the exact

  12. Stephanie Salan

    her face is definitely not round?

  13. Rosalyn S

    Jeez she’s beautiful!
    I wish I could contour my face– I think my cheeks are a tad too chubby.?

  14. Amara Duray

    can’t wait to try this palette.. i seriously love her filming/lighting

  15. Brandon Eska

    WOW I can’t get over how gorgeous Kat is! <3?

  16. Moon

    are you wearing hijab??

  17. Ps3N3rd92

    I won this palette, can’t wait to receive it!! ?

  18. Sara Gray

    Love her tutorials!?

  19. lifewithmysupermann

    Her rings kind of creepy ?

  20. ppirate29

    Loveee her eye makeup. It suit her.?

  21. Sarha Anderson

    love that lip color?

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