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19 Responses to “Haul Dior, NARS, Kat Von D, TheBalm, It Cosmetics, Maybelline”

  1. Cristina

    I actually really like the new Maybelline Matte & Poreless foundation. It
    lasts a good 6hrs without any primer and 7-9hrs if I set it with the Loreal
    setting spray. (I have normal skin.) I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you
    but it does work on other people. ?

  2. Jennifer Myers

    In my opinion the Mary Loumanizer highlight powder does look a couple
    shades too dark and too gold/yellow on your complexion. I think a lighter,
    icier/silver tone would be perfect on you. I have a similar skin tone to
    yours, and I never suit those champagne or golden highlighters. They just
    end up looking like metallic gold streaks on my cheekbones; much too
    obvious and not the subtle glow I’m going for! You look beautiful as ever. ?

  3. 123cetaphil

    I gotta say, I really am enjoying watching your videos! In regards with the
    Mary Lou Man Izer, would it work better if you
    placed it higher up ( the “C” are around your outer eye?) If I bring
    highlighter down my cheeks, it definitely doesn’t do anything good for me.
    I have a round face and round cheeks and it just screams it out, not to
    mention magnifies my pores!LOL! Anyways, Happy New Year to you! Keep up the
    great videos! :-)?

  4. jcjccmz

    It’s so nice when someone like you with similar skin tone (fair & yellow) &
    qualities (oily & acne-prone & probably sensitive), as well as similar
    taste overall in makeup does a haul. You’ve gotten me thinking about a few
    things now that I hadn’t consisted… thanks!?

  5. hapagurl8

    I hope you enjoy my first haul video of the new year. – Laura?

  6. Joye Smith

    Loved it! I always enjoy a Haul video! ?

  7. Joyce Lee

    I like the cover girl foundation on you better. I see more of an inner
    glow/brightening effect. ?

  8. Shana Parsons

    Yes please do a weightloss video?

  9. Alexis Snooks

    I say yes to a weight loss update :). Also, what is your favorite
    highlighter for very fair skin? I’ve been interested in the Mary Loumanizer
    but I’ve also thought it would be a bit too dark for me. Thanks :)?

  10. MakeupPhilosophie

    I placed an order for some ColourPop shadows (including I Heart This) on
    your recommendation! I’m so excited! Your fitness journey is inspiring, it
    would be great to see another video of what has been working for you! ?

  11. tina hinkley

    I would like to see the diet and fitness video .Any inspiration helps…I
    too am trying to get back into it now. Have a good week. Tina?

  12. glamourgirlholly

    Hey! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the skindinavia
    sprays!!! X?

  13. klyf24

    Happy New Year Laura!! I always look forward to your videos. I really
    appreciate your honest and thorough reviews and tips (Esp from the
    perspective of someone with very oily skin)! Keep up the great work and
    best of luck with your exam(s)!!! :)?

  14. dvoted4life

    i also love purples for my brown eyes i would love to see a video on the
    innersteller palette i debated on getting with upon vib rouge thought i
    would wait on reviews on this one t4s happy new yr ?

  15. Playingwithmakeup

    Great information and would love to see another weight loss video update.
    Happy New Year!?

  16. Raya Mansour

    Happy New year Laura!! I love your videos!!?

  17. lilajane3

    Loving your eyeshadow look- the best yet. Happy new year.?

  18. Why Knot_Now?

    I knew you were get that Innerstellar. That’s right up your alley. I love
    the palette. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews, but the colors are fab to
    me. You look gorgeous!?

  19. skylilly1

    I don’t have any Balm blushes. I feel that will change soon! Happy New
    Year to you, too!?

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