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  1. lisettesbeaute

    so pretty!?

  2. KathleenLights

    Purple looks so pretty on your eyes!?

  3. Jen Luv's Reviews

    Gorgeous look, Laura! Happy New Year to you and your family!?

  4. Kathryn A Fisher

    Thank you for your detailed swatch and review! I enjoyed this. A couple of
    those shades are unique enough to get this palette. : ) Have a happy new
    year! xox?

  5. Gracist2

    This is a very pretty look on you. Is this palette limited edition?? I
    don’t see this in my budget til next month….I hope it will still be
    available :)?

  6. aLoveTart ?

    So pretty! Loved your look ?

  7. livemusicwhore0225

    I love it when you ditch the warm toned colors and go cool toned. Cool
    tones look great on you. You look so edgy. I wish I could wear both tones
    as well as you. I have this on my list to buy (no one bought it for me for
    Christmas). Thank you for swatching!!?

  8. minnescrapper

    These colors really make your eyes pop! I wasn’t sure if I wanted this
    palette initially when I saw it online.. but now I want it!!! Thanks for
    the swatches and tutorial. The colors really would be pretty for spring. I
    own the monarch palette and it is amazing. Her eyeshadows are always sooo

  9. Debi5202

    How Beautiful Laura, thank you for creating a different look for us. I have
    not heard of that palette but it sure does have very pretty shades:) Thank
    you for sharing this review with us:) I hope you get to feeling better.
    Laura, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year with lots of Happiness,
    great health and lots of blessings. May 2015, be your year to shine:) God
    bless you and your family. – Debi:)?

  10. Elle Is For Living

    So pretty Laura. I hope that you and your family have a very Happy New
    Year. ? Elle?

  11. Lori Flank

    I am sooooo happy you reviewed this! I got Monarch & Chrysalis for
    Christmas and have been obsessed with KVD! I also want to thank you for
    swatching the Jaclyn Hill palette. I think I’ll get JH first, then KVD.
    Thanks Laura! Happy New Year! Glad you’re feeling better.?

  12. littlegoofygurl79

    It really makes your eyes look even more amazing!! Love it! Have a Happy
    New Year!!?

  13. Tina Marie Style

    Wow…such a pretty look. I have been debating on whether or not to get
    this palette. You pretty much sealed the deal. Hope you are feeling better!?

  14. Alissa Davis

    The first three you switched reminded me of wet n wild walking on eggshells
    trio ?????????????

  15. TooFacedBaby05

    Although on you it looks gorgeous I don’t think I will be picking this up
    because I am not really drawn to these types of shades. Great review! :)?

  16. Priscilla m.

    Those colors make your eyes stand out more I love that palette great review

  17. conyeah02

    Girl! Love those eyes!! Happy New Year! ?

  18. Lilmama D

    So glad u did a video on this pallet I’ve had my eye on it #firstcomment
    purple looks so good on you ?????

  19. Sandy Gutierrez

    I love watching your reviews so much. I don’t even wear eyeshadow really
    but still watched this review anyway lol And fyi I bought the AE jeggings
    and they are amazeballs!! I even bought another pair recently…I never
    would’ve purchased from there had it not been for your recommendation! So
    thanks for that :)?

  20. A Donville

    This is a great look on you!!!?

  21. Sherri Ward

    What an interesting palette! The look you came up with is so pretty. Great
    tutorial. Happy New Year to you and yours. ?

  22. Donna Ellis

    I can’t wait to use it – just picked it up today.?

  23. martisha marti

    So scend make up! It differs from your usual look, but fits you great!
    Happy New Year!!!?

  24. the ginger mommy diaries

    i just ordered this palette the other day, now i’m super excited to use it!?

  25. Carrie DiNapoli

    Although this pallet is out of my comfort zone, I’m seriously thinking of
    getting tomorrow.?

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