Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: First Impression + Review! Posted by admin on December 29th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

As per the request of many: here are my thoughts and feels in video form on the Kat Von D possible-dupe-with-the-Sephora-Matte-Lip-Cream-lipstick! How did it compare?? Watch to find out ??(*…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: First Impression + Review!”

  1. Susan Nadler

    That lip product…what a shame, because it looked nice at first! Secondly,
    what was that alcoholic concoction you made!? It looked delicious! I could
    pick out vodka, orange juice and maybe Fresca. Yum! Recipe, please! P.S. –
    I loved the Galileo clip at the end. ?????

  2. salamanda

    YAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I missed your face beautiful!! <3 <3 xoxoxo meow.?

  3. Bestany

    Lol. I was wondering how things would turn out after you poured that drink

    I have that same sample of the KVD, but it’s not a color I typically wear
    so I still haven’t cracked it open. Maybe I’ll give it away, hm. Have you
    tried the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams? I hear people rave abut them, but I
    find them hard to wear. Drying, and they don’t wear off evenly. I hesitate
    to but any other matte liquid or cream lipsticks because of those. If
    you’ve tried them, are the Sephora ones better??

  4. collaredblouse

    tipsy cassie <3 hahaha "i would eat anything…except maybe a fetus" but
    that sucks that this doesn't perform as well cause the shade selection IS
    fantastic compared to the sephora one. but.. i mean the sephora one is
    cheaper so maybe that is a good thing after all LOL i just wish they would
    put out more colors!?

  5. sparrow1380

    When Sephora was giving out that big gift set of samples with certain
    orders at Xmas, I ordered the one with the Clinique lip thingy in Black
    Honey, cause you said it was so good but I started kicking myself in the
    butt when I saw the other option that had this Kat Von D lipstick in it,
    cause I had wanted to try it forever. Thank you Cassie for being my guinea
    pig and making me pick the right stuff the first time haha?

  6. BeautyNaturesWay

    Looked great in the initial application though! 😉 I wonder how it would do
    if you put a lip balm over the top after a couple minutes… Wouldn’t be
    matte after that but it might help with lip feel. Would it transfer then
    though? Have you tried it??

  7. Patsy M-p

    Merry Christmas Cassie… I know its over but I love saying and typing
    Merry Christmas LOL I enjoyed your review video as I always do. I was
    thinking about that Sephora lip stain when this video started. I bought
    that Sephora lip stain after watching your review on it then I went back
    and bought the rest of those colors because that is an awesome formula.
    Short version; I totally trust and enjoy your make up reviews =) p.s.
    although the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is a thumbs down… the
    color looked great on you.?

  8. Murakami R

    Your lips were like made for lipstick… idk they just seem like the
    perfect shape for lip products. i need this lipstick in my life where can I
    get such a big sample?

  9. Reyna's Retrospective

    You are amazing Cassie! This came at the right time. I had just put my
    daughter down for a nap!
    Cassie’s getting crunk!!!! Your whisper chat, hilarious!
    Thanks for this review. Won’t buy this in the future!
    I hope you and galileo had a very merry christmas! xx?

  10. Tanya Grissom

    I like the WnW matte long wear liquid lippies…not all of them are matte
    but they have a red that is perfect. You are just too funny…so drunk you
    would eat anything except maybe a fetus…I laughed so hard. I bet you
    would be so fun to hang out with. :)?

  11. Tinker Diggens

    When I come home a hot drunk mess with lipstick smears all over my face
    while scarfing down White Castle, my kitties still love me. I love cats!!!?

  12. UnicornCouture

    “except for a fetus” oh my god.

    your skin is looking especially lovely! :)?

  13. MovieTrollop

    I snorted SO LOUDLY just now that I scared my cats… They RAN from the
    room. hahahaha Great video!?

  14. Albert Pham

    Try the Stila stay all day liquid lipsticks…. It’s literally a tattoo on
    your lips?

  15. jjmissmam

    The lipstick was a bummer…but this video was a hoot!?

  16. srose96

    I was so confused with the first check in cuz it looked red and in the
    intro it looked totally pink hahaha?

  17. Jennifer Flink

    Omg, you kill me. Im laughing so hard. Your too adorable. You look
    beautiful by the way. No im not a creepy stalker, im a married woman with 2
    kids. Just love you & look forward to your videos. Hope you had a great
    Christmas and Happy New Year. ?

  18. waymire01

    Yeah.. you really have to do some “pre/post longwear lip prep”.. you lips
    looked pretty dry to begin with and these have no compassion for that for
    sure. I exfoliate with a wet washcloth every night when I remove my
    makeup.. apply oil to my lips then top that with a balm for bed. Also apply
    an oil based balm right after I brush my teeth in the morning (blotting it
    off very well before I apply the lippie). It makes a big difference.
    I adore Lolita (there is a reason it’s always sold out), it’s a deep
    slightly mauve nude and just looks fabulous with everything. I’ve also got
    Berlin which is a quite unique warm bright pink, and I had Vampira but
    returned it.. that one had issues with patchiness on me.. but I’ve noticed
    a lot of really dark colors have the same problem. I’ll get some on a
    napkin or straw when I eat but I’ve never had it all over my face, and it
    touches up very nicely. I do prefer the Sephora cream lip stains and the
    Stila stay all day.. you might give the Stila a try. It goes on more wet,
    and takes a minute more to set, but once it does it’s transfer free and
    wears very well. I also don’t find it quite as drying as KVD. I would
    suggest Patina, it’s a soft rose, very neutral MLBB. I also like Dolce
    (light warm nude) and Tesoro (very bright orange red) but they are both
    quite warm and I’m not sure if they would look as good with your cool skin
    tone, I’m very yellow toned.
    I think they might be phasing out the Sephora CLS.. the website only has
    about half the colors listed.. and the beautiful nude is one of the ones
    that is gone (GRR), which really sucks because none of the newer formulas
    they have come out with are even close in performance.. I’ve tried them

  19. zeegiggles

    That transferring happened to me with the Lolita color when I bit into my
    breakfast sandwich ???? hahah
    And a large drink is okay! I’d be the same way hahah?

  20. JannetjwW

    As long as you are not do anything with your lips?????????

  21. makeupforever

    I really want to try the Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation and Concealer.
    I am a foundation and concealer junkie.?

  22. niffler09

    you should make a vid about your cocktails ^^?

  23. Amanda Kamila

    that drink looked phenomenal brb?

  24. Georgia Louise

    Oh, drunk giggly Cassie is my favorite!
    I have to agree I liked the Sephora lipstick better; it seemed as if it
    stayed on better than the Kat Von D one. However, the Kat Von D color you
    were wearing looked lovely on you!?

  25. Angee Sanchez-Scott

    +Thrift Thick when you can, can you PLEASE review the new Jeffrey Star
    matte lipstick. Everyone is raving about it on IG and on FB so I’m curious
    if it is all everyone is saying it is. Even Shrinkle from Sugarpill make up
    has been posting about it and how much she loves it. Thanks Cassie….you
    my friend are the bomb! ;)?

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