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  1. clanaaa

    Great look, but can the lighting was a bit too light, so it kinda washed
    your makeup out making it harder to see.

    And random, but the control freak in me was constantly fearing you’d hit
    the hat with foundation. LMAO?

  2. robyn howes

    You are awesome!! Was wondering what your color was in the hd? I am 42 in
    kvd and 110 in hd?

  3. Rachael Anne

    5:03 = yasssss hahah, love this look! The lips are purrrfect?

  4. Landrine Maroy

    “All about that black life” made me laugh so much ?????????

  5. becca311

    I love, love, love this look! I have done something very similar with my
    eye makeup many times because it really helps my hooded eyes, but I’m
    definitely going to try this more dramatic angle & push the shadow out
    further like you did. I am a pale sister & I cannot thank you enough for
    your videos. I have learned so much watching you & I can’t tell you how
    many times I have recreated your looks. I really appreciate that you keep
    it simple for challenged (lol) people like me. Please do a tutorial for
    hooded eyes! I would be so greatful! Love you & your channel! Happy
    Holidays! 😉 XOXO?

  6. Allison Cameron

    You are so talented! I have been subscribed to your channel for about a
    year and I love all of your videos, keep it up! :)?

  7. lpolanco0407

    My lips are never even when I use it too. My advice…put Chapstick on
    before you put this lipstick on. It stays longer and it isn’t as drying.?

  8. Shumaila Khan

    You are a living Snow White…?

  9. Doren Alexa.

    I love u.
    U are the best.
    U are my favorite. <3?

  10. michelle osuna

    ‘Highlighter hooker lmao! ?

  11. Ally G

    Alyssa Edwards!!! #yesgawdh #mawmuh ?

  12. Flamed_Rose

    Does doing winged liner ever become not scary??? I do it every time I wear
    my makeup I do a wing, and I’m so afraid I’m gonna screwup and have to
    restart and I’m gonna look bad and all that lol. Love you Bailey, you’re
    definitely one of my faves, if not my fave makeup guru!?

  13. Susie Cabrera

    The tweezer man brushes look kinda small compared to the other make up
    brushes .?

  14. The Belle Adventures

    Just found your channel and I already LOVE you. You remind me of like an
    edgier version of Chrisspy. ?

  15. queenapril0009

    “Are my lips ever even?” Wow story of my life! XD Liquid lipsticks help
    with that, though. I find it easier to manipulate the shape of my lips ;3
    That’s a really gorgeous lipstick. I neeeed it!?

  16. Kayla Hagey

    I wanna try the Mac Daddy highlights so bad too! Uuuughhh someday.

  17. Emily Raymond

    Love this ????????!! Would love to see some of your more crazier make up looks
    and your take on grunge make up ??????Xx????xx?

  18. shaylajacquelyn

    This might sound stupid but honestly I’m super confused. When you use
    powder with your beauty blender do you still use it damp??

  19. clanaaa

    Btw what kind of eyeshadow application would you rec for eyes with a heavy
    brow bone…? My eyes are similar to yours, except my brow bone is heavy so
    the the area above the crease droops, especially towards the outer part of
    the eye. You can still see a bit of eyelid tho…?

  20. Maribeth Perez

    I love how your make up came out!! We have similar face shapes so im def
    gona check out ur other videos cuz I need help in the face area lolol…omg
    I love the Kat von D liquid lipsticks…I have the pink one (the name
    escapes me) and its just gorgeous…I wanted to get that red one but I have
    it in lipstick form so I’m like let me sttooppp lolol..looks great on u!!!?

  21. donna laz

    Beautiful love it u r gorgous?

  22. Andrea Wainman

    Gorgeous as always, have a fabulous day! ?

  23. Kayla Hutchison

    1. Your channel is probably my favorite discovery on youtube in the year
    2. The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are incredible, but they took me awhile
    to get the hang of >:( then again, I’m not a mua. I have found that
    scrubbing my lips with a bit of brown sugar and olive oil beforehand makes
    it apply easier. And no, that is not me saying your lips look dry lol
    because they didn’t.?

  24. Bianney Castillo

    yasssss boo yassss! This makeup is so cute! Love you ?????????

  25. champagneandoreos

    That color is stunning on you! ?

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