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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Innerstellar Palette”

  1. makeup momma

    Thanks for the review. Im not sure that I will pick this up. I got the kat
    von d holiday pallet last year and I never use it. It is also weird that
    its less product for the same price. Im really tried of companies doing
    that. I hope you a fantastic Christmas :)?

  2. TudorRoseBeauty

    When the hand of swatches came up I literally gasped, lol. SO BEAUTIFUL. I
    am all about cool greys and purples lately. Lunacy is, of course, the one
    that originally drew my eye in the palette (I’m a purple eyeshadow junkie)
    but there are some other pretty shades in here as well. Dark Star is
    positively droolworthy. The second hand of swatches, though? I felt very
    “eh” about them. I feel like I have every shade of brown under the sun in
    my collection. I passed on Naked on the Run for this very reason. And I
    can’t honestly say that I NEED another matte black.

    It’s lame that there’s less product, but I see where they’re coming from.
    More people would notice a price increase than those who would notice that
    the shadows are smaller this time around. It’s hard to fault that
    marketing choice, but either way it’s disappointing.

    I think I may be tracking down dupes for the few shades I love, but I don’t
    think I’m up for sinking the cash on the whole palette that will go mostly

    Thanks for mentioning chosen families. My home/immediate family is
    non-traditional and there’s a lot of disconnection from relatives who
    aren’t supportive of that. People (especially when I was growing up) often
    seem to think it’s sad that I/we don’t spend Christmas with very many blood
    relatives, but fail to see that we spend the season with family friends
    that might as well be our relatives. Merry Christmashannukwanza, Phyrra.

  3. My Beauty Junction

    Love the purples but bummer that there are too many light or brown shades.
    I love the KVC True Romance palettes, especially Poetica and Ludwig – they
    had a nicer mix.?

  4. s4andy63

    I wonder if the light iridescent shades would look good as an accent over
    the darker shades??

  5. Lola Seicento

    It’s strange that they are giving less product for the same price. The
    gorgeous cool-toned colors really appeal to me. I love your new swatching
    method so much!!!!?

  6. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    I’m so glad I found your Channel, i love your style and Reviews! Look
    forward to seeing more xox ?

  7. AbbieJolie

    Merry Christmas to you!

    May we have a video of all your favorite purple eyeshadows for New Year’s?

    I just got to pet both of my recently adopted cats (2 Cats-2 Rescues-2
    States) at the same time for the first time! Their introduction has been
    slowed by the larger cat chasing the smaller. That was unacceptable to the
    older, smaller cat. It has taken weeks to recover from that. They are five
    and six years old.?

  8. Michelle Marino

    Ouhhhh so pretty ! I don’t on any Kat Von D products yet womp womp?

  9. Stacie Kelly

    Ok. Several things. First, Merry Christmas to you, lady! I’m so glad to
    hear about your grandmother! Second, Your. Hair. Is. Awesome. That color
    suits your skin tone so well. It’s beautiful. Third. Holy shit that black
    looks awesome. I love the way you’re swatching. So neat and clean. And
    lastly, hooray for f-bombs in videos. It’s great to see someone’s real
    personality. Again, Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. ?

  10. My Newest Addiction Beauty Blog

    OOOOO The packaging is really pretty! I love all the shades inside too! ?

  11. Snoz Berries

    Thanks for the review! Looks like I’ll be skipping this one. I haven’t
    tried any Kat Von D products yet because I’m not sure where to start.
    There’s always mixed reviews and I hate sending things back because it’s
    such a pain!?

  12. Catriona Halliday

    I’m disappointed with the colors. The purple and lilac and light purple are
    nice but I wont ware the others and i feel that to buy it just for the
    packaging would be stupid because the box I sent even that great. Its a
    miss for me sadly I wanted to love it ?

  13. Jesikah Sixx

    This is probably a weird compliment but I liked that you said ‘fuck’ a
    couple times. I feel like it gave a more laid back tone to the video. ?

  14. Deborah Punt

    Look at those neat square hand swatches O.o! I love perfection like that
    :D. Dark Star is gorrrgeous. 3AM too, but I adore taupes.?

  15. GlitterismyCRACK

    Kat Von D launched in Australia a few weeks ago. ???? ?

  16. azLizJane

    I appreciate your review. I will be skipping this one…too much brown!?

  17. Amanda Serna

    I love your background so much in this video!?

  18. Kath TheFabZilla

    It’s a nice palette but I am passing coz I have way too many at this time. ?

  19. Catriona Halliday

    merry Christmas to you and your family!!?

  20. keri2000

    I really love this palette. The brown shades make it a really travel
    friendly palette for me. I love your honesty. Like any makeup addict, I had
    to have it even if most of the browns are dupable. I really wish she would
    rerelease her old 8 color palettes reformulated and without the Creme
    shades. Those were some awesome color combos without having a giant
    palette. :-)?

  21. Shannon inBC

    I always love your swatches and reviews, thanks for sharing! I was all
    geared up to snatch this up the moment it came available but I’m glad I
    waited for your review. I am a fan of neutrals but I’m sad there were so
    many in this palette that are close to each other, too similar. I will
    definitely rethink whether this is worth it…?

  22. Angela Peters

    Those are SO pretty! ?

  23. Eugenia Lung

    OO I want!! Love Kat Von D!!?

  24. Brooke P

    Yes, I absolutely need another Kat Von D palette. Gorgeoussss?

  25. bluewysher

    glad you got your christmas wish?

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