NEW! Kat Von D InnerStellar Palette Swatches and Review! Is it Worth It? Posted by admin on December 17th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “NEW! Kat Von D InnerStellar Palette Swatches and Review! Is it Worth It?”

  1. Niki Murphy

    That packaging is AMAZING! I dont have anything from her line. Ive always
    wanted her foundation or SOMETHING but just could never afford it! Ive
    heard some of her palettes are hits and misses! Great review!! xoxo?

  2. Heather King

    So glad you shared your thoughts! I love the look that you created. That’s
    seems to be true about most eyeshadow palettes – there’s always hits and
    misses within them. Gonna go tag you on IG on some puppy pics of my dogs.
    Lol! TFS!?

  3. PrettyPistol86

    I was mulling this around in my brain, but I passed since I am not much of
    a silver-wearer…I want a large Kat Von D palette, but this one just
    wasn’t speaking me me. That light purple is a *gorgeous* shade though!! I
    wish that darker purple came off better. ?

  4. Jessica Bissett

    OMG!!!! I have this have not even opened it yet I have to say that I am
    really excited about this but I have been a bit addicted to KVD lately!!?

  5. Rhonda Landry

    I am a 42 year old eyeshadow newbie. I tried some drugstore brands then
    bought the Kat Von D Monarch pallet based on some YouTube recommendations.
    I absolutely love it!! The shadows are so much easier to work with. I have
    her Chrysalis and Ladybird pallets on order from Sephora. I think I went a
    bit overboard haha!! Now I want this pallet too though but they retail for
    $58 here in Canada so I may have to skip this one. Maybe Santa will bring
    it to me ????. Thanks for the review. ?

  6. autumngold86

    I’ve looked at Kat Von D’s palettes plenty of times in Sephora. The colors
    always look so nice, however, I just can’t seem to bring myself to spend
    $50 on a palette that is put out by a reality tv star. Great review &
    thanks for sharing. ?

  7. mrsbrown1412

    I think I will definitely pass on this one for the price the pigmentation
    isn’t good enough I feel like you can get a better pallet from BH Cosmetics
    for a fraction of the price?

  8. makeupfunwitholivia

    Karina – if you were to choose a favorite Kat Von D palette (even though
    they are all hit and miss), which one would you recommend we get if we
    don’t have any of her palettes but want to try one??

  9. Jill Wood

    That eye look is very pretty on you Karina! I don’t own any Kat Von D. Her
    packaging is always so cute that I’ve been tempted. Thanks for showing this
    new palette.?

  10. britwigger

    The more blue actually makes you more radiant!?

  11. Dale Zang

    Beautiful colors and the packaging is amazing. Hugs, oxoxoxoxox?

  12. deedee lebowski

    thankyou for the honest review, great video?

  13. HarkerBeauty

    You look gorgeous love that top on you! I’ve been wanting to see a review
    on this cause I’m not sure about getting it. I always appreciate your
    honest reviews you know that! Love ya!

  14. Angela Skar

    I have been thinking about this palette because I don’t have a lot of KVD.
    Your review definitely helped me make up my mind on it! Thanks for sharing
    your thoughts! XO?

  15. Gracebird

    Haven’t bought any KVD palettes yet though what you described, they sound
    similar to Urban Decay shadows (some winners/some not). Thanks for the
    review & swatches!?

  16. CouponingGirl

    Very pretty colors ?

  17. makeupfunwitholivia

    PS: LOVE your Incognito in Sausalito nail polish…will have to look for
    it! :)?

  18. Danielle Kelley

    I’m so glad you did this review because I was going to run out and get this
    lol! I love astronomy so I thought the themes were cool. I agree that the
    palette is cohesive but probably nothing spectacular that I need. Thank you

  19. Sunshine

    You’re always so honest :)?

  20. Alyanah R

    I reallly like tha purple ! On you that pallet look nice !???

  21. Karina Kaboom

    NEW! Kat Von D InnerStellar Palette Swatches and Review! Is it Worth It??

  22. GlitterismyCRACK

    Can’t wait to get this just got my 25$ off coupon!?????????

  23. Debbie Mascari

    What wrong mama? Are you feeling a little under the weather? ?

  24. Kristin Gehm


  25. Stacie Jo

    i love Kat von D lol the colors arent calling to me but i am not going to
    lie i will buy it cuz i love her lmao ?

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