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24 Responses to “NEW! Kat Von D Innerstellar Palette | Swatches & Review”

  1. SevenDaysofStyle

    Hey Nat! Your hair came out great here, you look gorgeous anyway and all
    the time, but that It’s nice and cooler toned but I see it
    being great for a New Year’s Eve look! Thank you babe for featuring
    this…I’m going to check it out in person. Have a great night! Hugs ?????

  2. Laurie Nash

    Would love to see tutorials with more looks! I used my $25 credit towards
    the purchase of this palette…can’t wait to try it out! ;)?

  3. SparklewishMakeup80

    new subbie here. please do some tutorials using this palette. can’t wait
    to see more videos. i liked your honesty and freshness. your review felt
    honest and i didn’t feel you were saying things for other reasons other
    than your honest opinion. ?

  4. Julie Gardner

    Mine will be here Tuesday! Can’t wait!?

  5. Joye Smith

    I got mine at the JC Penny sephora. Love it! It’s true about the black
    shadow… It’s No Joke!!! WAYYYY black !! Works wonderful as a liner?

  6. Beauty4Free2U

    Oh that palette looks wonderful! ???????????? ?Sissi ?

  7. Angela D

    I went to my local sephora inside jcpenny specifically for this
    palette..they didn’t have it out so I ask them if they had it and they did
    in the back…every person in the place stood there slack jawed looking at
    how gorgeous it is and I got to be first to buy it!! So beautiful?

  8. elle2111

    I used my $25 Vib Rouge gift card on this, too! I ordered on Friday, so
    hopefully it gets here soon. I love that this is a cool-toned palette
    without being super dark and smoky. Even more excited after seeing your vid
    :-) Hope you’re having a great weekend!?

  9. Bahar P

    Just got this palette in the mail this morning. Dying dead…just gorgeous.
    Not a dud in the bunch. I haven’t been this impressed with a palette in
    months. In love.?

  10. Christie Johnson

    I ordered this palette online today with the 20 dollar off vib gift card :)
    can’t wait to get it. When I saw it I thought the same thing about it being
    like the monarch and chrysalis had a baby :) ?

  11. naye0na

    You are gorgeous! Thank you for your review, Natalie. xo?

  12. Monique Gagne

    Wow your makeup looks flawless here.

    Just got this palette yesterday. Haven’t used it yet, but oh my, I knew I
    just HAD to have this one! Not that I actually need another eye palette . .

  13. WenDee Riffe

    Well Natalie u rocked it with this vid–you look beautiful your hair looks
    so so pretty and full. I also love the room set up and just everything. U
    have made such wonderful strides since I started watching u several several
    vids ago. I am so proud of u and I feel as if I know u even though we have
    never met. I guess it’s because we do kinda live in a close day-trip kinda
    way!! Lol–one question?! Do u have to b VIB Rouge or VIB or can anyone
    purchase this?? Again your a ROCK-STAR!!!! ?

  14. Amy Ernst

    Looks great on you
    I’m so buying this palette this weekend thanks ?????????????

  15. Julie Martinez

    Yes, please tutorial!! In love ?????

  16. Kathleen M

    I ordered this palette this morning from Sephora online. So glad you
    posted this video! Can’t wait to get this palette. Finally, a cool toned
    winner! Enjoy your palette.?

  17. itslaurennlove

    InNerstellar, no “t” in the beginning!?

  18. lisanicu2000

    It’s Chrysalis…like a butterfly pupae…that’s the other KVD palette
    you’re thinking of. I’m really liking this palette…I might have to pick
    up this innerstellar palette! Great review!?

  19. kirsti farrell

    I just found your channel, so glad I did!!! Love the look you created on
    your eyes with this palette so pretty. I like the fact that it may work
    for both warm and cool color lovers! xoxo?

  20. Hanne Knutsen

    Omg ! What a beautiful palette ! On my wishlist now ! Do a tutorial with
    this please ?? ?

  21. Sue McLaughlin

    Uh oh–my son and I are both home sick today so I’m thinking maybe a little will make me feel better and this palette is definitely going
    in my basket. Yes, tutorial please. Love–Sue?

  22. Caitlin P

    Your makeup looks so ’90’s in this video – I love it! Your hair looks
    amazing too – and I agree with you about the Monarch being more
    powdery…excited to try this.?

  23. ivy manipula

    A new one!! I just got the star one from my birtday :) and excited to use

  24. chanyounancy

    This looks nice! Thanks for sharing!?

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