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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Demo+Review|DollFaceBeautyx”

  1. Daniela Carrillo

    I really dont want to sound rude, so just take this more as an advice. Your
    eyebrows look so unnatural maybe because the concealer around them is so
    light and harsh or the shape is just too much. Btw I love your videos and
    how you do the rest of your makeup considering I’m almost the same shade as
    you. ?

  2. Davica Thomas

    Eye makeup tutorial! Please and thank you :)?

  3. Madison Fuller

    Love the vid what are you wearing on your lips ?

  4. Judea Mariano

    Whats the song at the end???

  5. quellysaysx3

    i literally caught a mini heart attack when I saw you uploaded this . i had
    to check the date ???????? like how did I miss this !! ?

  6. veracool12

    how is it for dry skin?? i think i heard that it can stick to dry patches
    more easily do you know if that’s true??

  7. Kiya Milan

    I just got the foundation today and the bitch matched me as deep 71.. I
    think she matched me wrong idk cause I’m a nc45 in Mac too .. ?

  8. LashLovesBeauty

    I swatched the concealer in store and it felt so creamy and such good
    coverage. Deff gonna check it out?

  9. Garish Pair

    You are just so beautiful ! Love your makeup ?????

  10. Kerenxoxo

    The foundation looks great on you! I have it and I love it definitely the
    fullest coverage foundation. :)?

  11. fluffalexx

    You should wet the beauty blender, not soak it, but get it damp?

  12. sincerlybarbz

    Yesssssssss the eyeshadow!!!!! Purple is soo pretty on you ! ?


    Love your eyeshadow ????????
    Which one is it? ?

  14. Dani Young

    I had to pause the video because this foundation looks absolutely perfect
    on you. ?

  15. ThatKat

    Is there anyway to cut off that constant zoom adjustment??

  16. SoNoetorious

    This foundation looks amazing on you! It doesn’t look too light at all but
    I can tell that it’ll look even better after it oxidizes. I’ve wanted to
    buy this but I couldn’t figure out my shade lol. But see how 62 looks on
    you, I should need a shade or two darker than you. ?

  17. Jhanyce Wilson

    Doesn’t look light at all darling! Love it! xx ?

  18. D. Dilaurentis

    Yuh look like Monica in the beginning of this video ?????

  19. Reenie Diamond

    your so beauty and your tutorial given me life especially that i also have
    acne n scaring as well ?

  20. ariel wilson

    can you do an updated hair routine? Since you’re trying to grow you’re
    hair out let us know what you doing. I’m growing my hair out too. I love to
    get a couple tips or suggestions. ?

  21. Brina Devonne

    I Just Ordered This Today. Along With The Concealer. Great Vid?????

  22. Asia Givhan

    Yaaass boo! Loved it<3?

  23. Leola B.

    Would you consider this one of your top foundation choices and would you
    use this as an everyday foundation? I really want to try it but I’m scared
    my face will look cakey and fake. It looks flawless on you though.?

  24. StarSharnice

    so pretty. great tutorial. and I liked that you showed using the concealer.
    are you using anything to lighten your scars???
    mine are much worse! I’m looking for a fading product. help!! lol ?

  25. Delabelle's Beautybar

    I have been thinking about giving this foundation a go. Thanks for sharing.?

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