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Hey my babes…successful grwm today!! I absolutely adored everything I tried….even the Innerstellar palette! Not quite as amazing as my previous KVD palettes but I do think it’s a really…

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25 Responses to “Chit Chat GRWM- Kat Von D Innerstellar & New Wet n Wild!!”

  1. Cristina

    I found your channel two weeks ago and now I can’t stop watching you. I’ve
    quickly become obsessed with your personality. You’re so so entertaining
    and charming. I mean, where have you been all my life? I love this kind of
    videos because it feels so personal.
    Can you do another video using the drugstore primers? ?

  2. persona yep

    ooo I was just looking at that eye shadow pallet online today thinking I
    want it. I really like the colors. I wish you would have used the black and
    winged it out, just to show how the color payoff is for it and whether it’s
    smooth or chalky or patchy. Good matte black shadow seems darn near
    impossible for any brand. Question: what kind of dog is your dog? I have a
    rescue that looks a lot like him.?

  3. KathleenLights


  4. Kathy Murphy

    Had to stop the video! Why on earth would people care if you use your
    gifted items? They would prefer you spend more of your own money to tryout
    products? Ignore them and enjoy using the products, review them for us…
    and smile!!!?

  5. sameeknowsbest

    Haters gonna hate! It’s perfectly understandable that companies would send
    you product. What I appreciate is that you always seem to be very
    forthcoming about the items you receive, samples, affiliates, etc. If you
    enjoy a product, why wouldn’t you tell us about it? You keep it real and I
    appreciate that. There are so many others on here that promote a product
    and you can totally tell they’re not being honest. I haven’t gotten that
    feeling with you and that’s what I go by. At the end of the day, we as
    viewers have to go with our gut when we watch any of these videos and make
    our own judgement on whether to buy something or not. Keep doing your thing
    mama, your loyal subscribers appreciate your efforts.?

  6. Kaitlyn Turner

    you should try the girlactik lip paints they’re like liquid lipsticks!!?

  7. zikra humairaa

    Everybody in my country is glued infront of the tv waiting to know who has
    been elected this year and i’m like ‘i’ve got my priorities. I need to
    watch your video cause you’re my bae’ ???? i love your honesty about the
    products you use. Nice tutorial. I love it ?? ?

  8. Chihiro Miyazaki

    it doesn’t bother me that you use things that were sent to you. its totally
    fine as long as you aren’t pushing a product you don’t seem genuine about,
    but even then who’s to judge how much you like a product or not :D.?

  9. Tasoula Goodrick

    When I’ve had a bad day and feeling down,then I see you’ve uploaded a new
    video I already start to feel better….
    It doesn’t bother me that you use stuff you’ve been sent, it’s part of what
    you do as far as I’m concerned….I really love your makeup in this video
    and your skin looks so good…(have Laniege contacted you yet???) THANK YOU
    for all your time…really LOVE your videos and YOU…so don’t change a
    thing xxxx?

  10. Melissa Fleming

    I feel you on Sons of Anarchy! I can’t believe it’s over :( first Breaking
    Bad and now SOA. And as far as you using products that were sent to you, if
    someone sent me products for free I’d use them, I think it would be weird
    if you didn’t lol! ?

  11. Kelsey Kingsley

    I just got that palette today and dude, I friggin’ love it. I DO already
    have the Chrysalis palette but I think I like this one more. Don’t hate.

  12. Brigette Bridges

    Don’t pay any attention to that pain on instagram or wherever you said it
    was. ….I mean come on! !!! What are you supposed to do with the things
    companies send you? Frame them? Geeezzz there’s always gotta be that one.
    …. or twenty. :/?

  13. LoeyLane

    I FINALLY got the monarch palette because you always rave about it! I’m
    kinda in love with the look you pulled out of Interstellar… BUT I just
    ordered like three new eyeshadow palettes. Addict probs. you look beautiful

  14. Nicole VItale

    Trust me using things companies have sent you does not bother me! I trust
    your opinion on everything you talk about on your channel! Love this look
    on you! :)?

  15. Princess Jaedas Pink World

    You look gorgeous! Love the entire look! ?

  16. HollieEatsLipstick

    That lipstick looks amazing on you! I can’t handle how cute your dog is in
    the background!!! 😀 ?

  17. Katrina Cecilia Reyes

    The haters are on to you too huh? Why do they care so much if youtubers use
    products companies sent them??? Geez I bet they’re just jealous. Keep doing
    what you’re doing coz you’re one of the best out there. ?

  18. MichaelMakeupAndMe Jackson

    Nicole, your skin looks so soft and plump in this video when you had no
    make up on. Your skin looks so healthy and glowing. I just love your
    videos. You are truly a real gem to watch. AND yes to Sons Of Anarchy,
    after the first commercial I just lost it all the way after that. I mean I
    thought I was going to have cardiac arrest.

    When I was in the shower I was like God today is the day. What am I going
    to do with myself? I just love Jax so much. I mean talk about a psycho fan
    right? lol.

    Your look came out amazing. You look sexy as all hell today! Love ya girl!
    -AnnaNicole p.s. LMAO There is no cutting off or slicing and dicing…
    unless I’m doing it to myself. OH GIRL that could go so many ways. ?

  19. sealfamily123

    I am fine if you use products sent to you. It would be impossible for any
    YT guru to buy everything with their own money. As long as your honest and
    not sounding like an ad it is fine.?

  20. flourishxo

    That Lipstick!!! Wowzah!! can’t wait for your colourpop video!!
    Steph xo ?

  21. Liz Melo

    Isn’t the point of you and other YT making videos and spending time, money,
    energy is to receive products so that you can give us your honest feedback.
    I totally support and encourage you to continue. I like your
    recommendations and appreciate them. Every JOB has perks and drawbacks,
    being on YT is not any different. Ignore the haters. I so despise social
    media sh*t disturbers that hide behind their screens and point fingers and
    make such rude comments. ARGHHHH!!! — on a positive note — love your
    look. I was worried about buying this new KVD palette after the not so
    “stellar” starstudded palette. But I think this one is a hit. I think the
    color variance is better in the other butterfly palettes.?

  22. Chelsea Garay

    Such a pretty look! I just love watching you. That Wet ‘n Wild lipstick is
    beautiful! !! Xoxo Chelsea?

  23. addie holguin

    I don’t mind that your show sent products or even if you did sponsored
    videos because I know that your review is genuine and honest. Keep doing
    you boo. ily chica 😉 ?

  24. Shelley H.

    Your face, your channel, use the products you love! ?


    you did that. That was the bomb. you look great.?

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