Introducing the Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette | Sephora Posted by admin on December 10th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: What it is: A limited-edition eye shadow palette featuring twelve unexpected neutrals in a stellar array of shimmers and mattes to deliver…

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25 Responses to “Introducing the Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette | Sephora”

  1. ashley zachery

    Too bad its only available for vib members ?

  2. Laura Neuzeth

    I purchased this palette recently and I can’t wait to get it! It looks very
    wearable and the pigmentation I’ve seen on blogs looks fantastic. Also I’m
    really digging Kat’s haircut, she looks fab!?

  3. Gothica Danzig steele

    i love you kat but not feeling the hair looks like 90’s grungey look ?

  4. mustlovedogs4ever1

    She looks better with those blue contacts. Hundo.?

  5. Kim Richards

    Another beautiful palette! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! The color
    scheme is beautiful. Please do a few tutorials with this palette like you
    normally do Kat! ?????????

  6. waixa

    a ver si traeis esta marca de una vez a españa, que parece mentira que
    tengamos sephora y no vengan muchas marcas………. como esta o tarte

  7. Chantel Pulsipher

    Im not sold on the colors i wish she would add really unique colors to the
    pallet. But i do like that it has rose in the shadows thats a plus. I think
    i will test before buying. ?

  8. terebby1

    Beautiful?? even tho I love my mattes and my ladybird pallete?

  9. Carrie Howard

    I already ordered the palette. I just gotta say omg Kat, your hair is
    PERFECT. I love it. ?

  10. Ps3N3rd92

    I haven’t had the money to buy your last palettes and now this one :'( damn
    you kat why must you make such beautiful palettes! Lol ?

  11. PRizzieNYC24

    Fab but, the real question is when are you restocking Lolita from the
    liquid lipstick line? It has been well over a month that it is not
    available on ?

  12. SlutOverlord

    Kat’s hair looks SO good. Just ordered this palette last night, cannot wait
    to get it.?

  13. lilac drop

    I LOVE Kat Von D beauty products! I miss the fragrance called “Saint”, that
    was my all time favorite. I hope Sephora brings it back :) <3?

  14. Christine Reyes

    Not gonna lie, she actually convinced me to buy it…

  15. Angelica Heisler

    love love love her palettes!!! kat you are the best love your line! ?

  16. ThePantherqueen

    I just ordered my palette…btw Kat you look fabulous!?

  17. Shana Abell

    Kat your hair looks so good! I am also digging the eye look. Hopefully you
    will do a tutorial:)?

  18. SuperCanadianCowGirl

    Watched this and immediately went online to order it. I’m so excited! The
    colors look phenomenal! ?

  19. LadyUsako B

    Take my money! i want this 😀 the colors look awesome!?

  20. AbbieJolie

    Yea, a palette that includes cool tones!?

  21. KewpieGirl

    I’ve been waiting for the next new palette and its a perfect timing to get
    it before sold out. I made purchased today with 10% off VIP, whoo hoo!?

  22. RagPrincess

    Pretty, but I wish it had more color! I wish brands would stray away from
    neutrals a bit?

  23. d1000vh

    Anyone know what lipstick + liner combo she has in the video. ?

  24. Ka? von T

    You look beautiful with this eye contacts. ?????

  25. jazmine ruybal

    Love this palette so much!!!?

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