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This video is a review on the Kat Von D Autograph Liner Set available exclusively from Sephora. The set features eight full-sized Autograph Pencils in an arr…

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23 Responses to “Review & Swatches: KAT VON D Autograph Liner Set”

  1. Zoë Danielle

    i love kat von d eyeshadows so i just can’t believe how terrible these are,
    i have black ones from my eyeshadows and they seem nice although i don’t
    really use eyeliner. that blue one is really pretty but overall great deal
    for a terrible product.

  2. Remika M

    Thank you for this review; so disappointing though, especially for Kat Von
    D! For a nude drugstore liner I really like the Rimmel Scandaleyes
    waterproof liner :) I haven’t tried any of the other colours but I
    definitely like the nude one for making me look awake; plus it lasts awhile
    in my waterline which is great! Thank you again for your review 😀 ?

  3. takashimamari

    I love you and your videos, they’re always super informative!
    I wish KVD makeup would be sold everywhere, not just in the US or Canada :(
    Sephora is opening in Australia and her makeup will be available there as
    well as OCC. Much jealous :<?

  4. Jennifer Rupert

    Wow cue the sad trombone! Sounds like a great deal on paper but not in
    reality. Guess it’s not a good deal if they suck! Thanks for your honest

  5. Joy Canadiann

    Wow so glad I didn’t buy this, thanks for doing a review I love your
    honesty (:?

  6. MsCrisstynaD

    Hi! I was wondering if you were going to get these! I did.. I’m not
    impressed, at all! I’m wondering if she’s planning on reformulating these
    pencils, it is a crazy deal, but the lack of packaging (I laughed so hard
    when you said you thought they sent you someone’s return, I thought the
    exact same thing!), the price etc, and the fact that the brand seems to be
    reformulating everything, makes me wonder. I love your honesty, from the
    very start you’ve been 100% honest, and that’s more than a lot of people on
    YouTube can say! I’m loving your foundation, which one are you using? Sorry
    I haven’t commented lately, between work and WoW, I’ve been really busy
    lmao! ?

  7. s0niablade

    Would you be able to do a haircare video and a makeup tutorial on the
    makeup you have in this video? I love your eye and face makeup!! ?????

  8. Vikki TheWatcher

    my god, i was just abot to comment on one of your videos to say to reviews
    lucky day!?

  9. Rosalyn S

    I’m so shocked by how terribly these performed! I actually have most of
    these colors (granted, i bought them over a year ago so the formula may be
    different and creamier) from a past holiday set and other sets but I don’t
    find they are as bad as this set obviously was. For me, Black Metal Love is
    a sold black in one swipe and the glitter is barely there, which I’m fine
    with. I do find Puro Amor to be not super opaque definitely something that
    needs building… but I’ve never had them break on me before! I find my set
    very creamy. I wonder if maybe she is trying to sell off that line and make
    something new or get rid of it all together. I’d hate that because eyegasm
    is my go to sea foam color (it compliments my hair well). I’m disappointed
    that you’ve had a bad experience with those. I find her brand to be very
    good quality, but I’m really disappointed that this set is for some reason
    sub par when normally they’re good!?

  10. luckygrl569

    I love your eye makeup in this video! I got one of these in the Ladybird
    palette and it was really disappointing. My favorite liners are the UD
    24/7. I know they’re not budget but I’d rather buy one of those than 5
    crappy ones. :)?

  11. Chrystal M

    I love your reviews! Thanks!!?

  12. Emilie Bee

    Oh god, those seem terrible. I don’t understand how she could let something
    like this make it onto the shelves, which is exactly how I felt when I saw
    reviews of her Star Studded Eyeshadow Book. Kind of ironic, I just bought
    her Tattoo Liner and I’m in love with it… got to be so careful with her
    hit and miss brand. Thanks for the review, bad products, but I have to say
    your hair and makeup looks amazing in this video! :) ?

  13. Shel27Lee

    I love your videos! Always great! Can you review the “on the run” palette
    from urban decay? Thank you!?

  14. AlliesVanity

    So disappointing! I wonder if you hit them with a blast from a blow dryer
    and warmed them up if they’d be better…not that you should HAVE to do
    this. I’m surprised by the lack of quality on these. ?

  15. alager27

    Such a disappointing product :( my fave low budget liners are from loreal,
    so good and cheap 😉 thanks for sharing I was thinking on getting those now
    I all skip them XO?

  16. Kelsie Smith

    So sad it turned out poorly! I’ve been back and forth on buying these, so
    you’re a life saver! ?

  17. harlyquinn

    Well that’s a shame. Can you make a tutorial for your makeup on this video.
    Its awesome. ?

  18. Lisa Kleinwort

    What a shame!! Do believe I’ll pass on this set. I’m still loving the Marc
    Jacobs and UD liners, with MAC Teddy being my favorite all around liner –
    perfect for those “slap it on and go” days… looks great first applied,
    looks good later in the day. Favorite cheap liner is…. eyeshadow!
    Applied with a chiseled, angled brush. (Don’t know the real name of that
    type of brush. Still have a lot to learn in this makeup game.)?

  19. alyssaxx04

    i love how you give all the details with price, colors, etc! Love your
    videos :)?

  20. RMCK Beauty

    So sad to hear about the poor quality! The colours look so amazing :(?

  21. Punkylolita

    Wow, thank you for your opinion, I was actually looking at these a while
    back. But wasn’t sure because it was so cheap compared to most other liners
    in a pack. I hope to see the new liners soon…
    Btw, beautiful eyemakeup! :) Love your videos as always hun.?

  22. shelbyjaneb99

    I actually really liked these! They applied really nice. I’m very surprised
    that most in the comments dislike them. I’m wondering if they used
    different ingredients or lower quality ingredients at different times.?

  23. Modernaires

    Check out my review on the Kat Von D Autograph Liner Set!?

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