1st Impression : Demo : Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette Posted by admin on December 6th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! :) More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing in this video :) I’ve been really happy with the Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette so far… I’ve been…

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25 Responses to “1st Impression : Demo : Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. Tarababyz

  2. Deanna Borocz

    Do you suggest this new palette or the Chrysalis palette? ?

  3. Susan W

    I just ordered it today and from this review and looking at the palette I
    do not think I will be disappointed, wonderful eye look too, just
    beautiful! <3 Susan?

  4. Kat Smith

    Beautiful look as always! What was that big face brush you used to sweep
    the excess shadow off your face??

  5. FightingFifty17

    Received the contour palette today and it is unspeakably gorgeous!?

  6. Makeupdoctor87

    You are amazing!!! I was googling this palette earlier today for some
    reviews and I found nothing. I am so happy and lucky to have found you on
    YouTube because you are so up to date with all the new cosmetics… And I
    just love your reviews. ?

  7. naye0na

    Thank you for the wonderful review, Tara! Love the eye look you did at the
    end too xo?

  8. msflipflopsandpearls

    So glad you did a first impressions on this palette. I have looked at the
    Monarch and Chrysalis but passed because I thought they just had to much
    glitter but this one sounds like one I would like. Great look as always.
    xo Carolyn?

  9. Jessica Evans

    Ware you from? ?

  10. Joye Smith

    I ran out and purchased it!!! They totally had it at my JCPennys Sephora.
    You can see my pic on my IG Tacojoye. I Loved your review…I will play
    with mine tomorrow. I also got the lipstick in Cathedral I heard they go
    well together! I can’t wait!?

  11. CallistoFascination

    Yay! Just saw Temptalia post an announcement of this today, think I’ll
    finally get my first Kat Von D palette :)?

  12. Alexis Beyer

    I thank God this is a cooler toned palette. I am trying my hardest not to
    spend christmas money on eyeshadow palettes like I did last year. I prefer
    warm colors so I can pass on this one. You are so educated on products. One
    of the bazillion things I love about your videos. As always thank you for
    your review.?

  13. Msangiewow

    Just ordered this today! Gosh I love your videos!!?

  14. Mandie's Closet

    Can you believe her Holiday pallet is only $28 now!!! LOL Have you tried
    her lock it powder foundation. I just tried it for the first time and love
    it. Once again, awesome review….you are so informative and help me make
    decisions on products. Also, based on your review of the UD new pallet
    that came out the other day; I was at Sephora and asked them about the
    Mascara, they had UD reps there, they could not give me an answer. LOL I
    didn’t get that one, just doesn’t seem to float my boat, but I am getting
    this one – going to the Sephora Site now. Thanks ~ Mandie Jo?

  15. Magg Seb

    It sure seams better than the previous palette.
    Lol, loved the little elf cat – ready for X-mas. ?

  16. Roxanne Baker

    I loveeee Armageddon! Bought it the other day and I love that it’s not
    super drying on the lips! :) ?

  17. Bonnie T

    Wow! I work at Sephora, and I didn’t even know this was coming!! ?

  18. bedazzled64

    Thanks for the great review! Sooooo glad you put this one up! The
    kitty.. omg so cute!! Love how you always put the kitty in and that suit,
    I about died! So flippin cute LOL?

  19. Deanna M

    Great video! Love seeing Phoebe! ?

  20. Maria Avila

    I want want this palette?

  21. leann722

    Awesome I was waiting for your review of this. Ive just gotten into looking
    into her line of makeup. These colors are perfect for me. I love the cooler
    tones. I hope to get my hands on one soon. Have you tried her liquid
    foundation? Ive been debating getting it. I love your reviews/first
    impressions!! Totally love this eye look also! ?

  22. 08oceanview

    I think I need the palette and the lipstick:) Thanks for your review!?

  23. sarah mac

    Another great vid tara as always. Im surprised your not inundated with
    companies offering you stuff free to review like everyone else gets cause u
    have such a great collection. It usually annoys me when ‘tubers get free
    stuff that you see them review once and its never seen or used again even
    though its “a fabulous product”. U obviously take great care of your makeup
    collection and have invested in it I think u should get freebies !!! Maybe
    they scared u will be too honest haha . ?

  24. CAT4774CK

    awwwww lil outfit was sooooo cuteee!!!?

  25. Ajones1222

    Love your cat cameos haha so cute!!!?

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