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PLEASE READ: Some of these Monday Must Haves have truly changed my life…such as this portable desk. MicaJewelsNYC hook earrings | Ta…

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25 Responses to “MONDAY MUST HAVES | Kat Von D Star Studded Palette, Chanel, Best Buy”

  1. Melissa Parada

    Your makeup is fab, cant wait to watch the tutorial. And thank you for
    reminding me to pull some of my Rouge Bunny Rouge items out of hiding
    today, they are a great brand xoMelissa?

  2. beautymoxie

    I need a new portable desk. Rouge Bunny Rouge is amazing!! Please don’t
    make me bite the bullet on that highlighter! xo?

  3. Stefanie Lohrey

    Love your favorites beautiful girl! Always love your suggestions :)?

  4. LipglossLeslie

    Giiiiiiirl you’re really making me want that highlighter!! LOL! :-P?

  5. Chelsea Garay

    Woot woot for the lap desk! I loved mine in high school. :) That Chanel
    highlighter. GORGEOUS! I like Rouge Bunny Rouge too. Pretty whimsical
    packaging! I love you! xoxoxo?

  6. txmommyofboys

    Girl, I LOVE that RBR foundation so much!!!! ?

  7. Bonnie Martin

    Have you tried out Gothica in the Kat Von D palette yet? It is hands down
    the worst shadow I have ever come across and that’s saying a lot! Pretty
    much every review I have read or seen mentions that there are some duds but
    a lot have called out that one by name. I don’t know how that made it
    through and into the palette. The glitter and pigment are two entirely
    separate entities. It’s unwearable. If you haven’t checked this one out
    give it a whirl. It may change your mind on recommending the palette. It’s
    that bad.?

  8. patchouliii

    Love the lap desk! And yaay for pockets! Ahhh… Chanel. Can they do any
    wrong? Sigh. So pretty! Loved everything. You look beautiful today! ??

  9. CharliFibroChic

    can you please put the name and or the link to the Etsy shop that you got
    those earrings from? Thanks!!! :D?

  10. Violasphere326

    Oh no!( In a good way lol) I am looking for a new powder cause I am so over
    the MAC Mineralize powders so I just went on Rouge Bunny Rouge website! How
    Fancy, Cute and Whimsical is there packaging and they don’t test on
    animals, I am so excited to try something out from them.?

  11. CharliFibroChic

    Oh and love those earrings! I also love those little bar earrings you are
    wearing. I am so glad it is an Etsy shop person! I love supporting the
    small independent business person!?

  12. Diane Reiser

    I went to Macy’s yesterday and purchased that highlighter, and you’re right
    Mallory, it’s pretty sweet. The Chanel blush was to light for me, but it
    was such a beautiful peach. I might get it for a spring color. My skin is
    lighter then.?

  13. hotbaby499ify

    Lol you cut the plastic out of that one but on the too face palette you
    said it needed one. Lol?

  14. Sarah Bogaert

    AHHH! I’m gonna get me that Chanel highlighter!!!! You look *beautiful* as
    always!! I’m going to have to try the Rouge Bunny Rouge! So excited!! ;~)
    Do you have the Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Powder?! It’s
    wonderful! I really think you’d like it too!!! Can’t wait for the next
    video!!!! XOXO <3?

  15. MissVivM

    I want that Chanel highlighter sooooo bad! But my Chanel counter doesnt
    have it yet :( i almost bought the blush yesterday but i didnt think it
    would show up much on my skin… im reconsidering it 😉 Great haul
    girlie! Xox?

  16. gaslightanthemfan

    Your so easy to watch, not only are you beautiful but your personality
    rocks! ?

  17. Stephanie Salan

    wow amazing packaging for that powder?

  18. Lily Agustina

    Link for the earrings pleaseeeee ?

  19. notyourtypicaldollface

    This may be my favourite new series from you! Always brightens the longest
    day of my week! Thank you so much for your joy and amazing recommendations
    lady! Sending tons of love!?

  20. Tara Michelle

    Oh golly gee, that highlighter!!! Gahhhh!! I love those bracelets, you have
    great taste! ?????

  21. BlushingShadesofBeauty

    That Chanel highlighter!! It’s just gorgeous! Hope I can get my hands on it
    when it comes out here! Xo ?


    I have one of those portable desks too and I love it girl!?

  23. mallory1712

    MONDAY MUST HAVES!!! Rouge Bunny Rouge, Desk, Kat Von D #mallory1712?

  24. CharliFibroChic

    I need that portable desk!
    Love you Mal!!

  25. Serein Wu

    Oh I need to try out Rouge Bunny Rouge! ?

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