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25 Responses to “November Favorites!”

  1. Fee mayne

    How do you keep your edges sleek mine always puffy I’m about to just get a

  2. t washington

    Please try the Lancome confort facial wash with the pink trim or the one
    with the blue trim( not sure the name of the one with the blue trim). It
    definitely helps with the break outs. I’ve been using it now for over 5
    years. Can’t tell you the last time I’ve had a pimple. I use it with a
    facial buff pad. They are $25, so I always buy them when Lancome is having
    a free gift with purchase. ?

  3. curlykiki

    i’m a cystic acne sufferer too, kelsey- it stinks! feel like i tried
    everything walmart and the dermatologist offered to no avail. my clarisonic
    is the first thing to give me any relief.?

  4. Denisha j

    Just purchased the double wear because of you guys! Everything you but I
    want lol. You both looking stunning btw????????. Love from London, UK ????????xx?

  5. Trina Glaud

    store besides elf I think!?

  6. glamtwinz334

  7. Tiffany Bradley

    Hey beautifuls! I would like to know how do you keep your hair from
    reverting? ?

  8. D Leon

    So which one would u guys say u its best since you’ve tried both, the Becca
    highlighter in opal or this Bobby brown one? Thanks :)?

  9. Barbara Lee

    Is the Bobbi Brown highlighter better than the Becca topaz??

  10. Miss Shaayna

    What do you guys think about using grease on your scalp? Any tips or

  11. honeypickle39

    Hey girls……you were huoed about the Becca highlighter in topaz a month
    or so ago. Can you compare your experience with the new Bibbi Brown Bronze
    glow so that we can make a decision on which one is better? ?

  12. nyboo313

    How do you guys keep your hair from getting frizzy in the fall & winter?
    It’s so hard for me to wear my hair straight in this season?

  13. Faith Davis

    Have you girls ever tried Gold Deposit by MAC for a highlighter? It’s so
    beautiful ???????

  14. redjezebelle25

    You guys are soo beautiful! You make us brown girls so proud!!! I am
    curious….and this is soo out of the blue and cliche but have you ever had
    boyfriends ever confused you two??

  15. Travel Fanatics Vacations

    When you guys wear your hair straight, do you wrap it up at night? If not,
    what’s your night time routine??

  16. Chanel Cooper

    Hey ladies, just a few video ideas for you guys: 1. could you maybe do a
    video on the your lighting set-up and how you may change it depending on
    what types of videos you’re doing? 2. You guys should do a “My Sister Does
    My Makeup” video! You guys definitely each have your own makeup styles so
    it would be cool to see how you do each others makeup :) Happy

  17. MsLavishing

    Hey girls love the haul! You guys look beautiful! I’m trying to decide
    between the Bobbi brown highlighter and the Becca highlighter in topaz that
    you guys mentioned in your last favorites. How does the two compare? ?

  18. Jeleicia Barley

    +glamtwinz334 Have y’all tried the new maybelline colosensational creamy
    mattes lipsticks? I’m in LOVE with them. No chapstick needed, they r so
    buttery. I have two shades, mesmerizing magenta and touch of spice. Both
    shades would look GORGEOUS on y’all!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM???

  19. Candice Grayson

    Could you ladies talk about how to prevent makeup(like foundation) from
    smudging on your clothes. Thanks in advance! ?

  20. mindofbeauty

    Oh my, that lip combo really was perfection! Happy belated birthday! ?????

  21. Andree Carmelita

    Hi girls I absolutely love your videos! I’m a novice in makeup and actually
    learned from watching your videos so thank you. I do have a foundation
    suggestion Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H it is the bomb! I super oily skin.
    I also love the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo foundation. But that Lancôme is
    amazing it also have a wide range of colors great for oily skin you will
    not be disappointed.?

  22. mkitty886

    I’m share you guys has answered this or at least spoke on it but if you
    have let me now what video. I flat iron my daughter’s hair only twice a
    year for competition and Christmas but it only last for a few hours how do
    you keep your hair straighten.?

  23. squeeza mama

    Happy Thanksgiving #MyGlamTwinz! Love u guys!?

  24. Jessy Davila

    U guys obsessed with everything ?????

  25. Fatima Rahim

    I love Kelsey’s brows ?????????

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