Kat Von D Monarch Palette Tutorial Posted by admin on November 21st, 2014 | Comments (23) |

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23 Responses to “Kat Von D Monarch Palette Tutorial”

  1. KathleenLights


  2. Katerina Beauty Blog

    Ooo I hope Kat Von D comes to Australia once sephora opens!! You look
    GORGEOUS :)?

  3. Amarante Music

    Thanks for using our song ‘Control’?

  4. Hannah Stelmach

    freakin gorgeous as usual!! that lip color….yes.?

  5. JAhmed

    Best makeup ever!!!!! Sooo gorgeous!! This looks sooo nice on your eye
    colour! And i definitly neeeeedd that lipstick!!?

  6. nakkali grg

    Girl, i need the D’va Beauty brushes in my life! Rose gold color is so

  7. weneedlisa

    That would be great cause I have deep set eyes so any tips would be
    appreciated :)?

  8. Maria Varzaru

    Gorgeous! I was really hoping that you would do a tutorial on this look
    because i was obsessed with it. Looks fabulous on you. <3?

  9. melissa m.

    I bet u get told u look like Lana del Rey a lot. If not u do…?????

  10. Diana Cruz

    Awesome love it ?????????? ?

  11. HOLLYlovelyshiz

    Gorgeous look! And I’m so surprised that lipstick is so cheap yet looks so
    high quality wow ?????

  12. Cuteness Overload

    Gorgeous. You will have 100k subbies in no time!?

  13. Shelly Smith

    So pretty makes your eyes pop so much the reds :) ?

  14. Dana Marie

  15. Saadya Waheed

    Very pretty and I love your hair!?

  16. Rahmath Fathima

    Flawless beauty
    I love your make up ?

  17. Nicola Pilkington

    You are so gorgeous :) defo my fav YTer ^_^?

  18. Nikki Lynn

    this is like really really pretty, especially for green eyes <3 amazing job?

  19. Adriana Marquez

    Your green eyes stand out so much!!!!!???? I love it!!!!!?????????????

  20. Kristen Dunagan

    Love this look!!!?

  21. Morgan Martin

    The orange is my fav color in the palette too! I seriously couldn’t wait
    until fall to use it alllll the time lol?

  22. Sophie Isip

    Your eyes are so red concealed them then paint them red lol?

  23. ar london

    Loved these autumn winter tutorials warm colors really suit you, wts the
    nail polish u have on plz?

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