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Are you loving all the rosy-brown lipsticks as much as I am? I would love to read your favorites. : ) There were a few others (Bite Pepper & Glace and Too Faced Pink Chocolate) that I could…

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25 Responses to “Rosy-Brown Lipstick Swatches | Bite Beauty, Kat Von D, Red Apple Lipstick”

  1. makeupTIA

    Are you loving all the rosy-brown lipsticks as much as I am? I would love
    to read your favorites. : )?

  2. Kendra Atkins

    Loved this! Xoxo?

  3. jemorjerrica

    So glad you made this video! I always think of rosy browns as “Ashley
    shades”! :)?

  4. LipstickLady518

    Loved this video. I feel like these shades are made for you with your
    coloring. Like everyone else, I’m having a moment with Rhubarb (well, have
    been since last year). I’m SO tempted by the Illicit lip2cheek.?

  5. Mean Jean Makeup

    i love everything about your videos! I really love illusive, it looks
    wonderful on you?

  6. Taslima Rahman

    These are such gorgeous colours it’s a shame that none of these are
    available in the UK ?????

  7. Kathryn Berryman

    I think you would really like Milani Rose Femme lipstick.?

  8. Marianna's Beauty Room

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been getting more into rosy-brown shades
    lately, so I’m on the lookout for a good lipstick. All of these look great
    on you! I have Rhubarb and I’m loving it, but I think I want to try
    something darker. Maybe Cognac next??

  9. Meri M

    I love love loove this kind of lip colour!! It’s so flattering and I prefer
    it over pale nudes, they just don’t look good on me. One of my favourite
    lip colours I own is in this kind of shade, and it’s also one of my
    favourite lipsticks, the Rouge Coco from Chanel in the shade Mademoiselle.
    I love it! So if you should feel the need to get another rosy-brownish
    lipstick, I can highly suggest this one :)?

  10. staciarose20

    I want Bite Cognac and I’m going to Sephora today, haha. I probably
    shouldn’t watch YT before going shopping. ?

  11. Bon Parisien

    Helpful vid! Looking forward to getting some lipsticks from this colour
    family and I’ll definitely be referencing to your vid. Thanks, +makeupTIA !?

  12. Ruth Blagden

    I just ordered the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Rose Brown, can’t wait to get
    it. I love these colours for fall & winter.?

  13. Jessica McConnel

    Ooh, so excited for the gift guide! ?????

  14. claudia miranda

    Red Apple lipstick ?????????????

  15. marina centellas

    Oooooh! I think Rhubarb is beautiful and looks gorgeous on you! I might
    give it a try since I am getting more and more into brown-rosies… Thanks
    for sharing!?

  16. Tricia Young

    could ya recommend rosy browns or berry/plum shades beyond bite beauty &
    red apple. not accessible to australia based on my knowledge. as well as
    shades from maybelline are not avail here. love your videos!! ?

  17. Shin Huynh

    Hi Ashley, just have a few word to tell you, whenever I watch your video
    (just discovered yours recently), I just feel so warm, the calming
    asmosphere that all of your videos gave me just make me search your name to
    watch whenever I have my freetime! Your supporters from half of the world
    distance <3 ?

  18. NikitaUnique

    I love Bite in Rhubarb. :)?

  19. Jessie Alathea

    Ashley – we have the same hair color and complexion and I use to stay away
    from anything red or pink because I thought it would clash. Since watching
    your videos I realize how great they can look! I don’t feel so limited as a
    ginger now:)?

  20. clededo

    The joy in your videos is contagious! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for
    RMS Illusive, it seems like such a convenient product to have :)?

  21. Jami Criswell

    Excited for the gift guide video, you have such great taste!?

  22. ????? ????????

    I madly love you videos (just don’t know how to say how much). I don’t use
    any makeup, but I can listen to you for hours. You are such a nice person
    and create wonderfully warm atmosphere in your videos. xx
    P. S. Sorry for my English. :)?

  23. Jamie Lee

    I’m so glad someone else dislikes the scent of Maybelline lipsticks. I
    always hear people say they are unscented, but I think the scent is really
    off putting. ?

  24. mindygreeneyes1

    That rhubarb looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)?

  25. yobebooo

    I have had my eye on that “meow” tray!!?

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