Glittery Smoked Out Look Ft. Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette Posted by admin on November 18th, 2014 | Comments (14) |

Well, after looking and looking AND looking at pictures of the Chrysalis palette, I gave in and bought it. So, I decided to do a look for you all. It’s glitt…

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14 Responses to “Glittery Smoked Out Look Ft. Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. Reni K.

    I told you on a different video you have the eyes/brows of Nina Dobrev and
    on the thumbnail of this video she is all I see LOL :)?

  2. Kathy Turman

    you look like that girl from the vampire diaries?

  3. tiff lee

    U look amazing!sexy!?

  4. SlutOverlord

    YAY! I just got this palette 2 days ago so once I get over not wanting to
    touch it because it’s so pretty I’ll be trying this look. It’s such a
    pretty look!!?

  5. Mari Franco

    Are these permanent in the line or limited edition??

  6. Kim R

    Pretty look! I had to laugh, I did the same thing as you… I bought the
    Monarch palette, loved it, hummed & hawed over ANOTHER gorgeous palette,
    caved less than a week later & brought it home lol… These are great
    palettes & I haven’t regretted the splurge yet. That gorgeous blue Entombed
    is just awesome on the lower lash line.?

  7. Ichikirei Number One Beauty

    Very pretty! This palette is on its way ???? Thanks!?

  8. kayekog

    I’m keeping an open mind about glitter for myself. I, pretty much, like
    watching your skills in action. I could see you thinking about your plan
    for the look; I only have a couple of plans, at this point. When I deviate
    too far away from them, the colors get too muddy or there’s too much
    color.Thats how it goes when you’re learning. I hope that you’re feeling
    better. Your(?) little boy was cute dashing past in the background, waving
    at us.?

  9. Tamara Larson

    I couldn’t not buy this plallet?

  10. kristel martinez

    I love your channel! You deserve so many more subs! xx?

  11. Heather Hanson

    I recently got this palette and I love it! Thanks for the vid.?

  12. Stefanie Dvorak

    Sooo pretty!!! I love purple eye looks! I think I will try this and use
    maybe Dayglo from the Kat Von D esperanza pallette instead of the loose
    glitter. BTW, what is that gorgeous nail polish you are wearing????

  13. GlamourZen

  14. Andrea Ramirez

    Such a beautiful look!?

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