Nikki Sixx gets a Mick Mars portrait tattooed Posted by admin on November 13th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

i loved this video for the first time i saw it, it’s so cool. Motley Crue forever.

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25 Responses to “Nikki Sixx gets a Mick Mars portrait tattooed”

  1. ZBlacktt

    Notice how Vince is nowhere to be seen? That’s just how long they have not
    gotten along.?

  2. Samuel Anderson

    So, Nikki dumped this Kat and married some other girl without tats, eh??

  3. Gore Elohim


  4. arnyarny77

    never cared much for nixxi but i am so glad he did this for mick and gave
    him credit i always thought mars WAS AND IS the main machine behind crue
    and a quiet guy always respected him?

  5. silverXspike

    I’m born on Mick Mars Birthday?

  6. Nikki Katari

    This was so beautiful and loving, just watching it makes me tear up, Nikki
    is a great friend. It makes me tear up even worse because I just saw their
    final tour live a week ago. ?

  7. OTTHammerfy

    tats r for losers, but hes a good friend regardless?

  8. Guitar Whores

    Love Mick Mars. ?

  9. mpf4434451

    my mom has been a fan of motley crue even when she was a kid so later she
    named me nikky off of nikky sixx?


    Its cool , he showed his respect for the man, before it was too
    late…….Mick made that band.?

  11. Djarra

    Mick is really criminally underrated. I hope he does put out a solo album
    when the last tour thing is all done with so that he gets the credit he
    deserves. ?

  12. Vinblackhawk2014


  13. Mike Krammer

    wow, what a great guy! i didn’t really get that from their biography, but
    he seems ti be cool ;-)?

  14. matterofact

    Such a cool thing to do.?

  15. Benny Lockhart

    God lord… Vince Neil just gets worse and worse …?

  16. lydia montey

    She’s wayyyy hot why did he Mary that typical OC type girl??

  17. Mighty Timbers

    Hey babe…?

  18. Patty Cummins

    I love tattoos and this for me is not great. Kat is supposed to be so
    great??? I’m not seeing this sorry.?

  19. CaptainFantastik1

    I love Mick Mars. ?

  20. Zack Kaelin

    7:55 is that Jeffree Star??

  21. Adam Banks

    God Bless Mick!?

  22. Darth Wayne

    Kat seems suck a cunt?

  23. Matthew Gorski

    That’s Jeffrey star at 7:55?

  24. DD Brock

    You know, Nikki Sixx comes across as kind of a douche sometimes, but this
    was beyond cool. Mick’s reaction says it all. Outstanding way for him to
    honor his friend and mentor.

    Mick is a genuine badass.?

  25. Escape2Muszik

    Note to self: Nikki doesn’t wear underwear! ?

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