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LIKE, SHARE + SUBSCRIBE :)! ? ? EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW IS HERE ! ? HEY GUYS! I hope you enjoyed this Sephora haul! Don’t forget to leave a question in the comments for a future.

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25 Responses to “SEPHORA HAUL 2014 ? | NARS, Bite Beauty, Kat Von D + More!”

  1. Chelsea Bella

    Anita is one of my fave lip colors ever! and the formulation is awwsomee

  2. BeautyByDamaris

    Loving the Nars Audacious Lippies, thinking of going to sephora right now
    to purchase them. xo! Thanks for sharing ?

  3. jennachristy03

    love this sephora haul! :) the lipsticks! and i’m also planning on buying
    that audacious lipstick in charlotte! been eyeing it for weeks now. :) ?

  4. WendyCrafts

    I picked up the NARS lipsticks in Olivia and Anna and they are just
    beautiful. I have to go back to Sephora today and I might check out Anita
    now that you showed it :).?

  5. Ava Gleicher

    What would you recommend for tight lining your eyes? Preferably drugstore!
    Thanks love you!!!?

  6. lisa radoycis

    I enjoy your videos. thanks for putting them up! I also enjoyed your make
    up today…eyes especially….would you consider sharing what you are
    wearing? thanks! ?

  7. BabyJages

    I have been obsessed with MAC rebel, plumful, syrup, and mehr. But Kat Von
    D studded kiss lipsticks have been my biggest obsession since summer! Love
    craft, cathedral, Lolita, prayer, and Wonderchilde are the ones I can’t put
    down. ?

  8. Mrslolalynn

    Great haul! My favs are lip products so I liked seeing all the options!!!?

  9. SparkleBombMakeUp

    amazing!! im so glad i found your channel!! xx?

  10. If The Stiletto Fits

    I love the bite lipsticks! Lychee is one of my fav colors ever!!! Great
    haul :) xx?

  11. TheCoverFaery

    Loved your haul!?

  12. totallyblushing

    The Nars Anita lipstick is gorgeous! I think I need to pick that up now
    hahah. I have the audacious lipstick in Raquel and I am in love with it.
    Right now my favorite lipstick is by Wet N’ Wild in the color “Spiked with
    Rum”. I have so many high end lippies but I always reach for that one

  13. JamiePaigeBeauty

    Time for my much requested @Sephora #haul !?

  14. rebekkahou

    I’m glad I didn’t pick up that smashbox lip laquer.. Like you I wanted to
    have it after watchingShannon’s video… But the quality, the texture is
    totally different, compared to that in her video!?

  15. Peach Luck

    Those kat von d lipsticks are soooooooooooooo drying?

  16. Bethany Yackel

    I will have to go to Sephora now! Thank you for this video.

    I recently started a youtube channel and I would love it if you would check
    it out! ?

  17. Cassidy Holmes

    #ASKJAMIE Are you subscribed to Ipsy??

  18. Christina Miles

    Do you live in a house or apartment??

  19. jacobmarissa22

    Eye shadows pigments palettes are what I live for because I’m just such a
    heavy eye makeup wearer but lip products are slowly becoming an obsession!
    Love ur haul of lippies I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those Nars
    lipsticks. I’m thinking when I’m out Christmas shopping for my family I’m
    gonna throw one of those lipsticks in for me. Cuz come on every stay at
    home mom raising two kids deserves a little splurge. I’d like to know how
    old r u and where u live??

  20. Christina Contemplate

    What blush are you using? Looks gorgeous on you :) xxx?

  21. Michelle Polly

    How do you recommend to do makeup for glasses? And how do recommend people
    to start making youtube videos of their own??

  22. Alexa Landa

    I bought a Kat Von D lipstick for my mom and she also said that it was very
    patchy. ?

  23. Martin Dhong

    ure cute.?

  24. Cassidy Holmes

    #ASKJAMIE How do you feel about getting your own FanPage on Twitter??

  25. Cassidy Holmes

    #ASKJAMIE Will you be purchasing any of the Too Faced Holiday sets any time
    soon. (mostly La Belle Carousel)?

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