New Palette SMACKDOWN! Urban Decay Vice 3 vs. Kat Von D Star Studded Eye Shadow Book *Review* Posted by admin on November 11th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

My review and comparison of the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette and the Kat Von D Star Studded Eye Shadow Book! This is as honest as it gets, my friends. See for …

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25 Responses to “New Palette SMACKDOWN! Urban Decay Vice 3 vs. Kat Von D Star Studded Eye Shadow Book *Review*”

  1. MakeupbyMarcelaR

    Omigosh I love your enthusiasm, new subbie here. You are awesome!!!?

  2. Its Mrs. Spurgeon to You

    I heard Lorac put out all the Mega Pro palette out and of course they are
    all sold out, and they are not releasing more! How shitty is that!? They
    restock a few on Amazon but that’s it, no more. Lorac handled that release
    so badly. I want to get the Mega Pro but the way they are doing the release
    and then putting out a few at a time is ridiculous. ?

  3. zenderlee

    Hi Jen. Two questions for you. Are there any rules as far as returning
    products to Sephora? I only found out recently that you can return used
    items to the store. Can you please tell me what you’re wearing on your
    lips, as I’ve been looking for this shade. Thanks, and mad love!!?

  4. Krista Trench

    I actually wasn’t that excited about the KVD palette when I first saw this
    online and then when I swatched it in store…Yikes!!! I also love KVD
    makeup!! Huge fan. I have no idea what happened here. But she should be
    embarrassed!!! ?

  5. dreamurilloap

    Hi new sub came down to visit from the fruitbat fam, looking forward to
    seeing your looks on instagram?

  6. Applo101

    have you tried to use the Vice 3 wet? I heard the colors come out more
    viberent! :)?

  7. aminser82

    I love my vice 3. Its my first high end purchase. I didnt realize how
    pigmented the shadows were and i ended up blending them out to my forehead.
    Well almost :) lol for sure worth the money! ?

  8. HeavyMetalJess

    Just wanted to call out something for long-time Urban Decay people. Alchemy
    is almost exactly the same as Last Call. Fierce is pretty close to
    Shattered, just more blue than green. Sonic is a fantastic compliment to
    older Gash – similar color family, just not as dark. This palette really is
    fantastic with my favorite being Bondage. I really hope that color will
    eventually be released in a full size. I have to disagree on the brush –
    it’s just crap. I would much rather have gotten a crazy full size liner or
    a primer potion bottle.?

  9. Anicania Cabrera

    +Jen Luv’s Reviews Sephora doesn’t carry LORAC anymore… or did they
    ever? It’s not amongst the brands they carry!! I’m confused!! I don’t own
    Kat Von D’s eyeshadows, I am now on the fence… but I love the UD Vice 3!!
    It’s awesome!!?

  10. Jasmine Berk

    Thanks for letting us know about the kvd I had my eye on it but now…not
    so much

    If you could do another palette review maybe the new too faced holiday one?
    Or maybe compare the holiday sets from Tarte but compare the one that’s
    exclusive to Sephora and then the one that’s exclusive to ulta ?

    Awesome job!!?

  11. Beyond Payt

    Awesome video! Really helpful! SONIC is going to be so pretty on the eyes!?

  12. Glam Moms

    Girl I am a Kat Von D Junkie right there with you! I love the review!
    Thanks for sharing! xoxo Rochelle?

  13. 131pinkbird

    Do you have the VIce 2? How does it compare? Its my fave of all time!!?

  14. Katrina White

    I had no idea you could return products to Sephora. Good to know :) ?

  15. SullenxRiot182

    I can tell ya, I have every single palette that Kat Von D has ever put out
    and love all of them so much, but I could not believe the Gothica color in
    this one. That and the matte purple right next to it are a total bummer.?

  16. Norma Johnson

    I love your frank and honest review! ?

  17. Kayleigh Wilson

    I had heard the vice 3 was super powdery from multiple people but yours s
    watched beautifully?

  18. Bonnie Martin

    Oh Jen, thank you for being you! I love that I know I can trust you 100%. I
    got bummed earlier today watching a video from someone new to me (all this
    recovery time I can binge watch YouTube, always a sunny side) who is fairly
    new I think but pretty dang successful. She actually recommended the Kat
    Von D palette. Talked about how great the shadows are , really pigmented,
    smooth, top notch quality. I was watching in stunned horror. I had read
    Temptalia’s review before I swatched it for myself and I thought the level,
    calm girl was going to have a freak out she was so disgusted with this
    palette, especially Gothica…Gothika (?). When I got swatch crazy with it
    I was appalled! The worst part about the video I saw today was seeing all
    these girls thank her and decide this was the holiday palette they were
    going to get since she said it was great. All I could think of was with the
    sales going on sure they can get 20% off but they will miss out on the
    discount when they return the studded palette for something else. I took a
    closer look and she appears to be heavily influenced by free product. I was
    left with such an overwhelming feeling of ick. You know I love you my
    friend, and this video just helped reaffirm my faith in honesty some. Btw,
    I’m bad. Really bad. I told myself only 2 eyeshadow palettes this year
    especially since I have some blush palettes and lip sets I want. I LIED to
    MYSELF! I got the tf everything nice first, then jumped on the Lorac mega
    pro thinking I would skip Vice 3 since I have a lot of UD already. Then
    Ulta 20% off happened. Baaaad! I was nervous about it though, it hasn’t
    arrived yet. I’m very excited now that I’ve seen your video :) YAY! It’s
    going to be so fun to PLAY!?

  19. Chrisann Acanfora

    Great reviews as always have s great night ?

  20. Kari Michale

    Great video girl!! I feel like i’m having Jen withdrawals i’m soooo behind
    on your vids….but sending much love and hugs girl!!?

  21. Liz Melo

    thanks so much — I was on the fence re Vice 3 and now I am committed —
    will wait for the VIP sale as sephora.
    I got the TF Everything Nice, the Lorac Mega Pro and the TARTE sets from
    sephora and ulta. Yikes!! I know — and I dont do YT…just love me some
    makeup palettes :) I returned Kat Von D as soon as it arrived without
    swatching. Between ordering it and it arriving I saw all the poor reviews.
    so sad as I love Chrysalis and Monarch palettes so much.?

  22. Mean Jean Makeup

    i really love kat von d! this makes me sad, especially since the colors are
    all so beautiful?

  23. Amy Tasukada

    I love the Vice one!?

  24. Tammy Corrigan

    I’ve heard this from other people about the new Kay Von d pallet I love her
    other pallets so sad?

  25. Mark D

    Stressful day. I feel awesome!?

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