FOUNDATION REVIEWS – Kat Von D, Maybeline, Black Opal, ShadesByGAL, Motives Posted by admin on November 5th, 2014 | Comments (24) |

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24 Responses to “FOUNDATION REVIEWS – Kat Von D, Maybeline, Black Opal, ShadesByGAL, Motives”

  1. thefancyfaced

    Girl it’s not just you….the Fit Me Foundation basically slipped off my
    face in 2 hours…*kiss teet*?

  2. JamaicanMakeUpArtist

  3. Regina Agee

    Shades by gal website don’t have this foundation ?

  4. Tavia McCormick

    I’ve heard such great things about the kat von d. I believe that her goal
    was to have a good full coverage foundation for those looking for one that
    needed to cover up a tattoo.?

  5. Tammicha Watson

    Hey Lyric nice job on tha face as usual, where can I purchase the Kat
    VonDee I live in the U.S?

  6. Pernatha Barnes

    Girlll….. You have to try Estée Lauder double wear!!! It is full cover
    and matte! It gives me life!!! I would love to see what your opinion would
    be on it. But anyways great video! ?

  7. nellychoc

    Omg ur lipstick it’s too die for. What is it? Do share gorgeous ?????

  8. Olevia Williams

    I’m here for that head wrap, tho!!!?

  9. mswhunter118

    Definitely have me sold on the Kat Von D! Thanks so much for that review

  10. Ditzie Crocks

    I adore your accent <3 great video xx?

  11. Tammy Rankins-Thomas

    I’m not a fan of the 360 foundation.?

  12. carolyn robertson

    Barbados is hot like Jamaica and I use it with the NYC primer and it work
    well for me I love it?

  13. Jeannette Ratliff

    Omg I love your videos s
    Glad I found
    Your pAge?

  14. Khadija Kennedy

    +JamaicanMakeUpArtist Please tell me you have a tutorial on your look in
    this video! Love it, if you don’t we all want you to make one lol!?

  15. MisChrissy418

    i go to Jamaica every year and I take my Mac face and body foundation, its

  16. Tooma bh

    Before i even start watching ur reviews girl that makeup os ON POINT!!! Its
    GOOWrgeous!!!! To diee for basically!!! Please please DO A TUTORIAL ON THE
    LOOK!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and you!!!?????????? now i will resume
    watching the full vid. ?????????

  17. Little Willi

    Boo boo…. what lash dem deh .. they giving me life… hope a farin lash
    dem… Cuz I live in z states…?

  18. Asha Esson

    The Black opal makes me look really shiny what’s your best recommended
    powder to use with it??

  19. Jazzy Jerzelle

    Loved your review lyric!.. i myself have to agree about the fit me
    foundation! even tho it did fit my skin it did not last on all day. i was
    also dissappointed in the fit me foundation STICK! as well. very light
    consistency. i loooove opal foundation stick! that i can swear by it! my
    shade is truly topaz and it gives a very long lasting full coverage face. I
    have got to try out kat von d!?

  20. ShanZ M

    Lyric you should do cooking videos .. Lol I love Jamaican food! ?

  21. Suzette Duhaney

    Lord you kill me lol It’s 360 Mocha. That foundation is design to go on a
    small shopping run it just don’t stay put for a long work day or even half
    the work day. Love the look thanks for sharing.?

  22. Asha Esson

    Took a risk and Tried Avon in Sable….. doesn’t last Maybe it’s because i
    have oily skin… and it was summer when i bought it… but im going to
    give in another try in December?

  23. Fabafter5

    Ooouuuu can you do a tutorial on this makeup look you have..loving it !!?

  24. Toti Mohammed

    Do you have a question decent foundation of fit me suitable for the skin

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