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Hi everyone! Well here is Part 3, so glad you are enjoying this series!! Thanks so much for watching! xo Kristin Palette Palooza Part 1: Palette…

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25 Responses to “Palette Palooza Part 3! Costal Scents, Kat Von D & Urban Decay!”

  1. Jenny Callahan

    Great video and great picks for your favorites! Just an FYI for anyone who
    is interested the Urban Decay smoked palette is on sale at Ulta for $29! I
    just picked it up after eyeing it forever, and I’m so glad I waited because
    $29 is an awesome deal, plus I also used the 20% off. Anyhow just thought
    id put that out there for anyone looking to purchase it. Much love xoxoxo!?

  2. OneBeautyAddict

    I am so glad I listened to you and got the kat Von d palettes when I did
    since they aren’t available now. Can’t wait to see part 4?

  3. Kristin Gehm

  4. Flowerbomb31

    Missed my
    Chance on the saint! Dang it! Why don’t I own anything from coastal
    scents?! Xx?

  5. Elle Is For Living

    You are so tempting me with those Kat Von D palettes! :-) That is cool
    that doing the color challenge changed you :-) Loving this series. ? Elle?

  6. Kristen Kay

    Ravish is so pretty! It looks scary in the pan but on the cheeks it looks
    great!! (Even on us fair ladies). Great video :)?

  7. Chelsea Garay

    I need to dig out my very neglected Naked palette. I love the gold shade in

  8. TheBeautyPuzzle

    What a great idea for a series! You have the BEST subjects. So, Kat Von
    D..Oh my I just love her palettes too. I don’t have Monarch but every time
    I look at it, it makes me want it. The original NAKED is the only one I
    don’t have and I am tempted to get it. I think I like the 2 much better
    than the 3. I loved it when I first got it, but now I never reach for it.
    Always love to hear your thoughts Kristin. Especially your favorites in
    each palette. I need to go back and watch one and two! Much love! xo Linda?

  9. Kristinn321

    Oh, that Poetica palette has been on my wish list for a looooong time, I
    remember the kit you are speaking of…I guess I missed the boat there LOL
    Great bunch of palettes! xoxo?

  10. Policosmetics82

    I love the Smoked palette as well! Great collection!?

  11. Miriam Scully

    Kristin! Would you consider selling me your brush from the Naked 2? Mine
    broke, and I would really like to have it! I would consider buying it from
    you. ?

  12. Rebecca Gomez

    I’ve been thinking about getting the Costal Scents Revealed pallete. I
    have really enjoyed this series. I have purchased a few things you
    mentioned for Christmas presents.?

  13. Neala Olivia


  14. Olivia Hensley

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been watching all your vids! Just
    haven’t gotten around to commenting on them LOL You look beautiful as
    always! Enjoy your weekend! Xo?

  15. missmemssme

    Simply cant wait for 4L1P for the coastal scents palettes! ?

  16. Sandra Sarnicki

    I was trying to say my Urban decay one gets a lot of love form me. I don’t
    have the other ones. It was great meeting you at the Camp Cosmetics your
    such a beautiful person inside and out. ?

  17. Angel Parker

    I think the Naked 3 palette is more suited for brown eyes. It’s one of my
    favorite palettes ever! ?

  18. Ann Hatfield

    I love looking at other people’s makeup collections. I recently did an
    inventory of my makeup and even after giving away a few palettes I think I
    have 52. I just adore them and they are definitely my weakness!! Thanks
    so much for sharing :)?

  19. jcjccmz

    I love this series?

  20. Catawba Cats

    Yippe! Another in a great series – so glad to hear there will be more!
    Great job Kristin! You always bring it and with a smile too. Love that!

  21. Joanne Seaturtlette

    I love all your palettes! So much variety and fun :) I enjoyed this video,
    Kristin! Hope you’re having a fun weekend! xo Joanne ?

  22. Vicki Boedges

    Another great video to the series. A question off topic… Did you end up
    getting your ‘perfect’ shade for the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation?
    I was curious since I was matched with the same shade as you and thought it
    was too dark for me. I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the lighter
    shade. No matter how many different counters I go to, they always match me
    with a different color and it is to yellow, too pink, too dark, etc. I am
    51 years old and have yet to find the perfect foundation. Very sad. :)?

  23. Marilyn Baumann

    Love this series Kristin, but I am sort of confused here and maybe you can
    help me out lol. I am wondering why you brought out the Coastal Scents
    Revealed palettes if you haven’t used them yet or swatched, reviewed,
    tutorial etc, etc lol? Love all the effort you have put into this and I am
    going hunting on Ebay to see if I can find some of those Kat Von D
    palettes! xxoo marilyn?

  24. britstitch

    Love these videos…I can`t wait to see your impressions of the Revealed
    palettes as these are in my price range (although who am I kidding, I need
    more es like I need a hole in the head!) I too am a taupe lover, so your
    favs are usually a good pick for me!

    Hope you and Bob are happy and healthy! xoxo mj?

  25. Louann S.

    These videos are so much fun, love it. ?

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