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bonus video! Hair’s not done, but I wanted to get this video up. Actually…this wasn’t all I bought, but you will have to check back on Wednesday. It might be something for you! : ) ————-…

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24 Responses to “Sephora Haul | Bite Beauty, Becca, & Kat Von D”

  1. l'amour et la musique

    Does anyone know when the VIB sale starts??

  2. k wigley

    I think we are makeup twins. You like the same kinds of things that I do.
    Its prob the red hair . Don’t you think. ; )?

  3. Kim Jensen

    I’m glad you’re loving Sweetpea! I’ve got Wild Honey coming in the mail
    this week! Did you try the Josie Maran Coconut Lip Stains? I thought I
    saw you post a picture on IG. I’m thinking about buying the red shade.
    Any thoughts? :)?

  4. Brandi Van Ormer

    Yay! Always enjoy a new video from you. ?

  5. zeegiggles

    I am obsessed with the ardency inn shadows!!!!! I’m slowly collecting them
    (: I currently have punch and rose gold; peacock is next on the list :D?

  6. Stealing Beauty

    I just ordered the bite beauty set an hour or two ago… I’m so excited.
    Got an extra one for my mom too.?

  7. Kristin Gehm

    Great choices! I really enjoy the Monarch palette!!! I think you will love
    it long term as well!! :) xoxo Kristin?

  8. essiebutton

    You’re making me want to go shopppping!! ?

  9. HowtobeFancy

    I currently have most of these items in my cart. I’ve spent a day trying to
    decide how to use my discount! Thanks for pushing me over the edge! ;)?

  10. StarryEyedGlamour

    Loved the haul, I really want to try the Monarch palette :-) I just got the
    Bite set today and I agree, it is such an amazing value & would make an
    adorable gift! ?

  11. Marianna's Beauty Room

    I recently picked up the Bite Beauty set as well, and it’s my new love.
    It’s such an amazing deal too—$25 for the amount of product you get is
    great. I have been eyeing the Kat Von D Monarch Palette ever since it came
    out, so it’s kind of on my list. I love the formula of Kat Von D
    eyeshadows, but the three huge highlighters seem to be a bit much for my
    taste and they’re the only thing that’s stopping me. I’m also definitely
    getting the Drybar Hot Toddy heat protector/frizz fighter—I tried a sample
    and really loved it as a leave-in conditioner.?

  12. Illy Junus

    I love Josie Maran, and just find out your youtube video…thank you for
    the giveaway?

  13. LipstickLady518

    I’m dying for the VIB sale because I’ve had my eye on on that Bite Beauty
    set! I got the one they released last year, and I loved it. They’re
    repeating the Rhubarb color this year, but that color really is stunning.?

  14. Kathryn Berryman

    I have the Fresh sugar lip treatment holiday set coming in the mail. I had
    that Bite lip set in my cart and I didn’t end up getting it because I
    wanted to see the shades in person first! Now I think I should have just
    gotten it!?

  15. bamaannie

    Another great vid! I have that bite beauty set in my cart! I almost picked
    it up during the F&F sale, and now I wish I would have!! I picked up the
    GlamGlow holiday set, and the Benefit Cheeky Spot set..SOoooo cute! What a
    great deal too!! I also have the Josie Maran winter dreams kit in my cart
    too..just waiting on that VIB sale!!:) you look beautiful as always!!

  16. Michelle Ferguson Sewell

    I’ve been waiting on the Ardency Inn Rose Gold, as well. Now I have to have
    it. :) Great video.?

  17. Tina Hong

    OMG I absolutely love love the makeup look in this video! PLEASE do a
    makeup tutorial of this look Ashley! Xx?

  18. Meri M

    Loved this little haul! Especially the Bite Beauty Lip Pencils made my
    heart go faster, haha, they are really soo beautiful! You should do hauls
    like this more often :)?

  19. makeupTIA

    bonus video! Hair’s not done, but I wanted to get this video up.
    Actually…this wasn’t all I bought, but you will have to check back on
    Wednesday. It might be something for you! : )?

  20. lindsiebenaler

    Love these bonus videos!!! <3?

  21. What Emily Loves

    I bought the Bite kit last year, rhubarb was in it. The color is gorgeous!
    I have been wearing it constantly this month. Bite has my favorite lip
    products, hands down.?

  22. clanaaa

    Pleaseeeeee do a house/apartment tour or interior decorating video! :)?

  23. Jenifer Zech

    I’ve been holding off on that Bite set because I thought the colors seemed
    really similar to last year’s set, but I think your swatches just convinced
    me. YouTube strikes my wallet again! ;-)?

  24. Mengyuan Chen

    i think you look gorgeous with warm eyeshadows! Love your lip color!?

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