Kat Von D — Flips Out on Reporters After Tattoo Shop Fire Posted by admin on October 24th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D went off on local news reporters outside her burned out tattoo shop — making it clear she doesn’t want ANYONE covering the story.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D — Flips Out on Reporters After Tattoo Shop Fire”

  1. Kenny Powers

    If that was me and she did that to my camera and my hat, then I would’ve

    Kat Von D, these people are in public. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously.
    Just have some respect for these people’s rights, you stupid fucking cunt.
    “You’re a woman.” Why does that even matter, you sexist cunt??

  2. TheUniqueGemini

    Reporters are suppose to report any news, That’s their job. I understand
    she had a bad day, but she only making it worst by putting her hands on
    someone. ?

  3. Ron Lovell

    Her shop caught on fire. Now that’s funny. There’s no such thing as
    accidents, God punishes the stupid.?

  4. Cocka trice

    Stupid fucking reporters/paparazzi whatever, they shouldn’t be bombarding
    her with questions like that, Imagine how terrible she feels. They
    definitely need respect.?

  5. SuperDerpface

    I completely agree with her reaction. If I was her I would of been more
    angry. Her shop JUST went on fire ! They are being completely unrespectful
    ! ?

  6. Karin Amano

    *Kat Von D > Justin Bieber* ??

  7. Veronica Electronica

    lol it’s like everything she touches catches on fire…didn’t her house
    burn down like a year ago??

  8. Lu Wop

    Kat Von D can get the D every hour of the day, everyday ?

  9. waren davis

    When you become irrelevant and nobody gives a shit about you anymore you’ll
    be begging tmz for attention some of these celebrities are stupid as shit..?

  10. Modisway

    Doesn’t this bitch work at Miami Ink??

  11. MixTape Promoter

    Her shitty attitude probably sparked it?

  12. Michael B

    She says have some respect then hit that woman’s hat and calls her a
    fucking idiot then flips off the camera. Show her no mercy TMZ.?

  13. foga goh

    Her place of work burnt down and people are pointing cameras at her face! I
    would have broke their cameras?

  14. Iareorgasm

    For all of you hating on her, just how would you react if you just found
    out that something you have spent years trying to build and achieve just
    got burnt away within minutes, then some guys with cameras run along asking
    questions just trying to make money off your pain? I’m guessing ALOT worse
    than she did.
    The paparazzi are NOT at good thing (bordering on illegal) but do you know
    why they keep getting away with this? because people like YOU just can’t
    fucking get enough of laughing at other peoples misfortunes just to forget
    your own. Which in turn makes them serious revenue. Grow up for god’s sake,
    whether you like her or not is not the point here.
    Also what a misleading title, that was nothing! you call that flipping out?
    that was basic irritation and you made it seem like she made a grab for
    them, but the more people click and watch the more money for you right? -.-?

  15. Angelina L

    She is right to flip out! They should not take pictures and videos of stuff
    like this! This is not a funny matter for her and its her shop, so have
    some respect!?

  16. Astral Flux

    Lol worlds angriest cat ?

  17. Amber Rose booders

    She really thinks that paparazzi is going to have compassion?! Ha! ?

  18. Pretty Boy Flizzy

    She should of got burned in that tattoo shop :( fucking emo asshole?

  19. Lexi Caron

    she just wanted space. she was obviously having a bad day if her shop
    caught on fire… ?

  20. GunStreets

    this is why pap needs to be armed with tazers

    to tazers these muhfuckas?

  21. ivegotbutterflies123

    Ok wow she’s asking for respect from the reporters but it’s okay for her to
    be disrespectful to them? Even going as far as hitting that lady? They
    weren’t even in her space like they were behind the caution tape. I get
    it’s a stressful situation when your business literally is in flames but
    that’s not the reporters fault and is definitely not the way to handle a
    situation. Childish.?

  22. avalanche1220

    I understand her business caught fire but still, reporters are supposed to
    report the news and they’re not going to stop if a washed up tattoo artist
    says no. All she has to do is say no comment and walk away. now she’s just
    making a seen and looks like a goof. ?

  23. Cjskate Tv

    why was she mad?

  24. Paloma Cavazos

    Reporters cover all sorts of fires not just hers! She is not special and I
    hope they press charges on her because putting your hands on somebody else
    is not ok.?

  25. MrBubblescookie

    Who is she??

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