NEW Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set REVIEW & ON LIP SWATCHES Posted by admin on October 22nd, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “NEW Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set REVIEW & ON LIP SWATCHES”

  1. caroline.xo

    could you please please please film a makeup tutorial on the makeup you are
    wearing in this video? So flawless and glamorous <3?

  2. Angelica Hernandez

    Kat Von D sent me here!! I’ve been eyeing this set!!! I want it!!?

  3. Cathy Conners

    oh love, love, love them and you look gorgeous in every colour! Now I have
    to go and pick this up tomorrow. You are very much an enabler ;0?

  4. Malia Kepaa

    Awesome Kat von d sent me here!?

  5. judithdarling87

    Kat Von D sent me here. I love the way hexogram looks on u. :)?

  6. iloveturkey4

    very Kim k looking today! (: ?

  7. Marcy Eaker

    Thank you for this video! I’m trying so hard to resist buying this set, but
    after watching this I know I might kick myself if I don’t.

    I wonder what Wonderchilde would look like if you use a neutral lip liner
    underneath? Since it’s more sheer, the lip liner could mute the color a tad
    and make it a little more wearable, but still have a little pop of color. ?

  8. janna liliana

    Theses are gorgeous!!! ?

  9. Veronica Nieves

    Please film a makeup tutorial on the makeup you are wearing in this video,
    absolutely love it =) Flawless?

  10. ElliSoFine21

    So beautiful!???? I love your eye makeup!! Do a tutorial on this makeup look!
    You look so beautiful girl! You make me want to actually wear makeup
    more???????? ?????????


    Kat Von D sent me here :) ?

  12. hookedonphonica

    GORG! ?

  13. marwanalfahad22

    Kat Von D sent me here!!!!!?


    Kat Von de sent me here?

  15. senok123

    Kat Von D sent me here!!! Love this video! Wish it were available worldwide
    though :(

    What foundation are you wearing? It looks gorgeous!?

  16. Elvia Pantoja

    I’ve seen other reviews on these lipsticks but they never convinced me
    until now. Good job!!! I must have them now!?

  17. Lore Salo

    Kat Von D sent me here!!! My favorite color is Lovecraft!!!?

  18. nessabO0x33

    Love this and love you!! Makeup tutorial on this.look pleaseeee!!!?

  19. Beautyandsomemore

    Kat Von D sent me 😉
    I have to say I love all of them (and I feel the same as you for the
    purple), but my favorite is probably Adora or hexagram (??? did I hear
    and/or spelled it right?)…you look great in all those shades, except the
    purple is a little weird looking in texture..?

  20. Moni Guzman

    All the colors looked so pretty on you. I wish i was brave enough to rock
    those colors. I stick to neutrAl colors like lovecraft. By the way, Kat Von
    D sent me here! ?

  21. Maricarmen Sanchez

    Love your makeup in this video can you do a tutorial please :) ?

  22. Emy Almodovar

    I ordered this set this morning….cannot wait..thanks.?

  23. Tiny_rpm

    Omg that sexer looks AMAZING on you!!!!! ?

  24. Mariposa Doncella

    omg! I love all the colors. There isn’t one I didn’t like! and they all
    look really good on you.. wow! I’m getting this.. Thanks for sharing.

    Btw Kat Von D sent me here! :)?

  25. SYE Morales

    Beautiful, just wish there were more of a variety of colors, she included
    too many reds ?

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