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Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Favorites & Fooeys! Please subscribe if you’re new! It’s free!! :-) ????????IMPORTANT INFO:???????? Products Mentioned: Chi…

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25 Responses to “Friday Favorites 10-17-14 Mac, ELF, Smashbox, Kat Von D, Etc”

  1. Mrslolalynn

    you look SO beautiful in this video!!!?

  2. PrissyandPink

    Okay, I am so sold on Sweet As Cocoa and HAVE to order it now..I was going
    to wait but no girl, no, I need that, esp. when you mentioned it as a
    shadow. SOOOO many great favorites! Have a great rest of the weekend!
    XO, P?

  3. Chelsea Garay

    I love the Smashbox lippies!!!! Of course :) I need the Monarch palette.

  4. mallory1712

    You are such a beauty Leslie! I agree with you about the nails and the nail
    polish. Zoya and OPI really agree with my nails. You have the most
    beautiful eyes girl, those warm colors are KILLER. I love when I watch your
    videos because it feels like I am sitting down with a friend:) WHIRRRRRLLLL
    lol. It is beautiful. I am trying to remember if I have Syrup:/ I MUST try
    the smashbox lippies xoxo?

  5. Kristen Kay

    Sweet as Cocoa looks great (on your lids!) Ive been enjoying a ton of fall
    trends lately! Bold dark Lip is probably my #1 atm?

  6. txmommyofboys

    Ahhh that shirt!!!! Love that polish too! xoxooxo?

  7. Shaunell MacGloan

    Ok girl I had to pause the video and go to MAC’s website to see if the
    blush Sweet as Cocoa was in stock….darn you! ;)?

  8. CorailAuxJoues

    Your eye makeup looks amazing! And I love that your lipstick is matching
    your plaid shirt, so cute. 😉

    I also love the Revealed 2 (that maroon OMG) and the Monarch. Perfect fall
    colors. And MAC’s Syrup has been on my wishlist for the longest time! ?

  9. minnescrapper

    Essie is awesome too. I feel like it is such opaque coverage with 1-2
    coats. You should check out their new fall colors. I love the hot chocolate
    like color in “Partner in Crime” (I think its called). I looove watching
    your favorites!!?

  10. Lilmama D

    I never thought to use sweet as cocoa as an eyeshadow I’m gonna try it
    tomorrow great idea. I’ve also been on a Mac kick lately I can’t wait for
    till the 23rd for their new collection ?

  11. Dominique Simmons

    Do you have a skincare video? Because your skin always looks so good! ?

  12. Lillian Fleming

    I love melon pigment! ?

  13. MySickSadWorld

    I’ve never been a fan of brown polish, but that China glaze color is so

  14. Supriya Patel

    I LOVE your eye makeup in this video!!!! xoxo?

  15. Mengmeng Su

    What you think about the Nars narcissist eyeshadow palette? Is it the same
    quality with their duo? I can’t find the tester in my local sephora! I’m
    kind of new to nars and considering maybe I should start from the palette
    since it is more affordable than their single and duos. But the review from
    sephora web is not that good. So, give me some advice please!! Btw, please
    do a tutorial on this eye makeup. Toooooo pretty!!?

  16. KC Lynn

    Pander Me looks really nice, I’ll have to check it out!?

  17. Lourdes Selman

    Love the top, the make up. Heck love all of you.?

  18. Rebecca Gomez

    Your makeup is beyond beautiful today!! I love it!! I hope you have a
    blessed weekend!!?

  19. Debbie Bell

    Jaclyn Hill has a beautiful copper eye video. You should check it out. Her
    eyes are pretty but this look is gorgeous ?

  20. Felice Grob

    You have my shirt…lol…I wanted to get all but I had my four, yes I said
    four kids with me…lol… who all needed something. You look so beautiful!
    Have a blessed weekend.?

  21. Aliece Drake

    The first thing I thought was… OMG.. I need a tutorial for that eye look!
    When you said it’s similar to the Revealed 2 tutorial you did, I knew that
    is why I loved it so much (I wear that look all the time now and get so
    many complements!) Have a great weekend :) ?

  22. 08oceanview

    Love your look today!! I need to get myself a plaid shirt:) I jumped on the
    90’s lip band wagon, and purchased whirl and faux!! Love that combo
    together for my skin tone… Kinda perfection actually!?

  23. Wendy González Hagelsieb

    love your makeup! do a tutorial Leslie dear!! Love you!?

  24. Hannah Gwaltney

    Ooh, I haven’t worn Syrup for a while. I should revisit that one. On me
    it’s a very nice MLBB shade, great for minimal makeup days.?

  25. Jennifer Clarke

    Your eye makeup looks so good today! I try so hard and can never get my eye
    makeup to look like all you pretty youtube makeup girls…so frustrating!!

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