Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book Review & Swatches! Posted by admin on October 20th, 2014 | Comments (19) |

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19 Responses to “Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book Review & Swatches!”

  1. Indykitty1

    You don’t need to say a quad of four… A quad is four. :) But I love it
    and wish I had the money for that though. It looks wonderful.?

  2. therosierose85

    This looks so amazing, I may put it on my wish list?

  3. Lala M

    Thanks for the review! I was waiting for yours in particular. I wasn’t
    impressed with this palette from other reviews either and your review says
    it all. I’ll be passing on this palette. I’m all for the unique colors and
    quality. If it’s not up to par with previous palettes I’m not going to
    bother. Great review! Thanks again! :)?

  4. Kyle Prior

    This palette is awful!! I was wondering if she was going to do a video and
    stand by it ???? I love Kat Von D so much that I collect ALL of her makeup,
    even from her first releases with Sephora. Having said that this palette
    was what I was MOST excited for this holiday season. I RETURNED this
    palette it was so bad, that says a lot. I can’t believe she put this out,
    it’s the only holiday palette that has been a complete fail! I own the Too
    Faced everything nice set, the carousel set, the Tarte holidays sets,
    everything and this was the palette that is mass produced junk and I
    couldn’t be more upset. If you own any of her last two palettes the Monarch
    or the Chrysalis palette you will be beyond disappointed in these shadows.
    Their is none of her artwork on the palette also, HELLO ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
    The shadows lack pigmentation, are EXTREMELY powdery, and worse quality on
    50% of them then dollar store makeup. I’m being completely honest, nothing
    saddens me more because I have idolized her and completely supported her
    and this line. ?

  5. GlamGirl7

    The colors you are wearing on your eyes in this video are perfect with your
    complexion. Your hair looks good too. Very pretty!!?

  6. Bianca Gantt

    Not getting this one:( I will get the Tarte everything nice and Smashbox on
    the rocks palette.?

  7. Nik Jo

    +TotalMakeupJunkie101 I just spent the night drooling over this on
    Sephora’s website! Kat Von D wins at packaging. Hands down. She is slaying
    it. ???????

  8. zayra garcia

    I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it on every review that you do…
    I love your reviews!! :) thank you for doing this… I was debating wether
    to get it or not… ?

  9. hotchocolate1

    You’re always honest and I appreciate that thank you.?

  10. sokim7

    You deserve way more subscribers! I absolutely love all of your reviews–I
    find them the most informative when I go out to buy products! :) ?

  11. LavenderPineVanilla

    Depeche is pronounced De-Pesh :) Kat VD named a few of the shadows after
    80s New Wave bands… :D?

  12. Flora Goldamei

    I think i’m going to pass on this palette. Because for a budget shopper
    like me, each single must be a hit. Otherwise, its not worth the money.
    Thank you for reviewing, Eshani! ?

  13. Aleema Beauty TV

    Lol “purple sand.” Thanks for the review. It was really helpful!?

  14. Lisa lLam

    Stunning palette! ! Love the review xx?

  15. angiesko

    Your makeup looks beautiful?

  16. Magi Olvera

    I died at “purple sand” omg that’s hilarious ! great review C:?

  17. Palak Shah

    These review videos are great, but can you do more make up tutorials? ?

  18. Michelle Fitch

    You are right this is NOT typical for Kat Von D. I thought this would be
    way more exciting!! Hey Glad you got to see both #AHSFreakshow
    yesterday and I am praying that you watched the second one last night too!!
    I love it, it’s the best show I have seen for a while, and I am so so glad
    that FX has a website that if you do miss it you can log into your cable
    acct and watch it from the beginning!! Woop Woop!! Are you going to review
    the Lorac Mega because I want to see swatches by you before I start playing
    with it not knowing if I am going to keep both of the ones I ordered or
    sell both of them…I want to keep one so bad but I really want to be
    convinced by my fave youtubers first!!!! Thanks Eshani!?

  19. Ananya Maitra

    Yooooo 7 th comment ur coooool?

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