Review & Swatches: KAT VON D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks + Demo Posted by admin on October 15th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

This video is a review on the Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks! They are by far the more forgiving, long-lasting, long-wearing, smudge-proof, budg…

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25 Responses to “Review & Swatches: KAT VON D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks + Demo”

  1. Estefany Alcazar

    Are they limited edition or a permanent collection??

  2. Heather King

    I have been wanting to try these. They sound awesome! Thank you for the
    swatches & review!?

  3. Arthen1ce

    I would like to try love and vampira! ?

  4. Lisa Kleinwort

    Oh wow! My last few purchases have been way inside my comfort zone (UD NB
    and N2B, Bite BB Suede) but now I am jonesing for something waaaaay
    outside. Outlaw and Vampira. I have no bright reds or dark reds and was
    thinking the other day I should try one, since purples worked out so well
    for me. (I really like LUV and it looks great on you, btw.) So which
    one, oh muse of all things beauty? Or should I go for broke and just order
    both? ?

  5. Hologram1357

    Do you recommend these over the Studded Kiss lipsticks? ?

  6. Mars D

    Just like her studded lipsticks these are amazing ?????

  7. Vikki TheWatcher

    ahh! im going to buy coven from The kat von d s.k collection, which one is
    your favourite colour from this collection?
    i am going to buy one of these as well?

  8. Brittany Beautty

    I just got these today and their HORRIBLE I have a gogo the Orange one it
    took me 6 coats! Then it looks horrible when I smile it’s not opaque it
    settled into the cracks horribly and while I was eating it got everywhere
    and it was flaking off all over my food I have to wipe it off before I
    could finish eating and then there was flakes of lipstick all over the
    table it’s horrible I’m so sad I waisted 20$ on gunk ! :( ?

  9. savyxox

    I was wondering why you “didn’t upload” in a while!! I went to your channel
    and it said I wasn’t subscribed </3 no wonder I didn't see your new videos!
    But I don't know how I got unsubscribed!?

  10. RagPrincess

    I’ve loved these since the original formula (which was way more liquidy and
    a bit tacky to the touch) and have been slowly collecting them. i love them
    so much! Lolita is seriously the perfect pink to me, and Vampira is just
    perfection. I can’t wait to get L.U.V.!?

  11. Emilie Bee

    Is Bauhau5 really pronounced “boss”? Seems not many people (including me!)
    know how to say it right, I’m wondering how you figured that out. I also
    have super dry lips and these looked soooo painful to me, but based on your
    review maybe they’re worth a try. Bauhau5, Vampira, and Lolita look most
    interesting to me :) ?

  12. ShtUpAlready

    These remind me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes except in WAY AWESOME
    colors. XD All your Bauhau5 are belong to us. ?

  13. Carolinna Kirchner

    loved this channel?

  14. Remika M

    Another awesome review :) thank you again so much! Looking forward to your
    tips video tomorrow! I will be adding these to my ever growing Sephora wish
    list *sigh* why did Makeup Forever have to come out with a limited edition
    palette? Why??? I have been drooling over that one since it went live! I
    love the shade ‘love’ lol so definitely will be adding that one to my wish
    list. As always, such a pleasure watching your videos and I hope you had an
    awesome day!! :D?

  15. dewy delight

    So glad that you reviewed these! 😀 love your reviews!?

  16. Lucita Magana

    What r u wearing? It’s perfect on you! On your lips????thanks! ?

  17. MsCrisstynaD

    I love your reviews! Imo you’ve got the best, most detailed, and honest
    reviews! I love a few of these colours, and really want to try L.U.V &
    Vampira. I like you, have annoyingly dry lips, so the fact that you like
    these makes me want to try them even more! I was also wondering which you
    prefer, these or her studded kiss lipsticks? PS-LOVE that you always
    mention the Canadian prices! ?

  18. Nicola Sison

    These looks amazing! Will definitely be checking out bachelorette and
    bauhau5! Thanks for the video :D?

  19. TheQueenOfSaigon

    I love your reviews!! ?

  20. JaXter1022

    Awesome review!! I subscribed ?? I use these in a regular basis and love
    them! I also use them on bridal clients because they are so long wearing
    and budge proof. The metallic shades are also really beautiful hellbent and
    adora are two of my favorite reds in this line because although they are
    matte in finish they have a gorgeous metallic sheen to them that make it
    seems like you are wearing a gloss on top?

  21. Aubrey Wolf

    I looooveee these liquid lipsticks! Such an amazing formula!?

  22. vicmodes

    Is there enough difference between the Bite Beauty violet pencil and LUV to
    justify buying it?? ?

  23. cassmatazz

    I’m really interested in picking up Vampira. It looks like the perfect
    Fall/Winter shade.?

  24. Modernaires

    Check out my review on the Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks!?

  25. TheDine

    Good nights i love kat von d …. i have a lot of make up kat von d…..
    thanks for the review kiss of france?

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