Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set First Impression, Review and Live Swatches Posted by admin on October 13th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set: http://bit.ly/YVzeMh Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick First Impression, Review and Live Swatches: http://youtu.be/IS15GbN…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set First Impression, Review and Live Swatches”

  1. Ayana Tucker

    Was on the fence about this set! Think I will pick this up thx ?

  2. KPsayswhat

    I love Adorable and the purple one! They all look great on you. I have the
    same problem with certain shades showing as mauve when I apply. I am
    definitely going to get this set. What do you use to remove the lipstick
    forts before you apply the occ primer? I get all red around my mouth when I
    want to do different shades in one blog post. Thanks for this great vid!?

  3. Mandy VanHook

    Great video as usual, Heather! very helpful! and you are SO rocking these
    colors! ?

  4. SensitiveBeauty

    Great review. Thanks for being so thorough! I have been eyeing these and
    I think that I might just go ahead and get these. ?

  5. Heather King

    #KatVonD #StuddedKiss #Lipstick Set First Impression, Review and Live
    #Swatches: http://youtu.be/ZwQAIoNggxc?

  6. Zara Hodson

    Sexer really suits you!!! Xx?

  7. Uniquely Tisa

    I def want wonder child, ?adora? & ?sexer? ?=don’t know if I’m spelling
    them right?


    Great video. Just subscribed?

  9. Lovlv1908

    Man I’m new to your chanel and I’m loving it !!! I notice you wear a lot
    of matte lips , what is moisutizer do you recommend to wear under the
    lipsticks without affected the color ? ?

  10. Danijela Mitic

    Great review! I love you’re voice and how you talk about makeup?

  11. BeckyHelene

    Adora is such a great color isnt it? I have it Studded Kiss and, I’m
    forgetting the name of the line, but the one that came in the silvery
    looking tubes in KVD’s previous lines of lipsticks. I’m finding myself
    preferring the feel and finish in the Studded Kiss version.
    Anyway, great vid :) I may pick the set up along with Star Studded palette
    next week. It having Adora and Countess is a bonus, yay taking two faves on
    trip next month without paranoia of omg what if it’s lost or damaged in
    travel and I’ll need to replace it?! Haha :)?

  12. Oneantas Greathouse

    Beauty you always have the best reviews and videos thanks for sharing
    ..we are so much alike stalking makeup sites myself lol Hope to meet you
    one day ever in Vegas let me know Lunch on me take care?

  13. Karina Kaboom

  14. msthang293

    Thank you for this review. This is on my list of things to get from some
    of the holiday collections.?

  15. MeshaLuvzBeauty

    Great review! I’ve been waiting for this collection to come out?

  16. cynthiachatham

    They ALL looked beautiful on you. Thank you for the lip swatches. xoxoxo?

  17. Sabrina Crumpler

    Heather, I’m so happy you did this video. I’m going to get this set now :)
    is it in the online store already? ?

  18. 4evahazeleyez

    Yay! They all look awesome on you! So glad you did this video and did lip
    swatches! I think I’m going to get this. Tfs ?

  19. dettes64

    hahaha… how did I know you picked this one up too… they are bigger than
    I expected as well… love these colors.. my first time with a purchase
    for a kvd lippie… my fav motorhead… deff for fall…. tried a ombre
    with hexagram and motorhead… *muah* can you say this is my fall hg lippie
    look ;-)?

  20. Kuda Nuna

    Gothika was my first purchase from these lippies…..it’s a beautiful
    color, really long lasting, but it does leave a glittery, shimmery residue
    on your lips that is pretty hard to remove….so when you wear it, you
    definitely have to be committed to the color?????

  21. Jopunzel

    this woman is just gorgeous. All of these looked amazing on her! ?

  22. Lipstick Lover

    lipsticks really look good on you! Thank you…Making me go on line and
    order all these lipsticks….I like them all….?

  23. jozmejia12

    I recommend gothica :) loved this video btw! ?

  24. TigerLilyPearl

    Wow. All of those are stunning on you.?

  25. spaceysno1girl .

    So excited to see this video, I wanted more of these to but I’m in uk so
    postage was very expensive, I ordered this right away can’t wait to get it,
    loved them all on you. And like you I feel that I dont mind if a lipstick
    is hard to work with if i love the colour – its worth it xx?

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