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25 Responses to “Tattoo Wars S01E02”

  1. the ghost of redd foxx

    No fan of tribal, but leo is a fucking legend.?

  2. David NG

    leo fkn sucks?

  3. kaneda33

    i cant believe this completely throw away episode is on here but i cant
    find episode 3 with 2 really talented guys?

  4. Lara Hemmings

    i love how genuine leo is,he’s so down to earth :) btw,i like both of the
    tattoo pieces to be honest,i cant choose haha?

  5. Dominique Marsh

    I like tribal tattoos, but he did not invent them. They are ancient &
    traditional,they are a part of a certain culture.?

  6. Deeryluu

    I have never been a fan of tribals, but Leo’s was stunning and so
    complimentary to her physique. Just beautiful, what a talent.?

  7. D.J. EDP

    Both of these guys are incredible!?

  8. Dano Lind

    The narrator said he invented tribal. Leo Zulueta never claimed to be the
    inventor of tribal tattooing, but he is the pioneer of MODERN tribal
    tattooing, which he draws inspiration from traditional tribal tattooing.
    I’m not a fan of tribal tattooing, but it takes a huge amount of skill to
    make something symmetrical like that and pack all that black in evenly.?

  9. JS G

    i don’t like tribals but this video is also about the relationship between
    teacher and his student (guru and disciple) and that’s awsome.?

  10. joey babauta

    lmao his tribal are the tattoos that people regret. those have no meaning
    to it?

  11. 1327courts

    what a load of bull shit he “invented” tribal tattoo?

  12. kilumantiNWO

    and eww women shouldn’t have tribal lol?

  13. MooseRawwr

    hahahah, the student completely and utterly shat on his ‘teacher’. Bullshit
    he invented tribal.?

  14. kilumantiNWO

    tribal is a rip off of moko?

  15. nahtanish

    Tribal is extremely homosexual

  16. Tom Rand

    lol so true!

  17. ExtraordiNoory

    I think Rory’s tattoo is beautiful.. don’t know what’s up with people
    calling it ugly just because “it’s manly”.. so she’s supposed to have roses
    and teddies instead?! :/

  18. John Tran

    Yehhh VN DONG loll

  19. kj Gorre

    Im proud to be a filipino.. Leo Zulueta was born in 1952 in a naval
    hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.He was born into a Roman Catholic Filipino
    American family.

  20. DJAPG90


  21. VF5

    So you telling me that any “good” tattoo artist would turn down any female
    clients if she asks for a tribal tattoo? That’s really ignorance.

  22. Jan Pavlik

    i don’t like fact that it’s “fake traditional tattoo”(I know it’s modified,
    but still..), and for a lot of people it has no meaning and is just a
    fashion … no offense original tribe tattoos have meanings to people who
    got them and also are made original way…and I love these

  23. woodpigeon66

    That’s utterly ridiculous, like saying that women can’t wear jeans because
    men do. A good tattoo artist would take into account what a client wants
    and make it work. Who gives a crap if it’s ‘manly’ – if anything, the
    curves/swirls are almost femenine. And how dare you say that women aren’t
    allowed a type of tattoo; the whole idea of tattooing is freedom to be
    yourself. Are they supposed to be restricted to flowers and love hearts?

  24. Teddy Tatts

    this is ignorant bullshit.

  25. Goodie Alfonso

    a girl with tribal sleeves? oh my god, what a bad taste

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