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Sorry for the lack of Sample Saturdays this week guys! My schedule has just NOT allowed me to film hardly at all! It will be back next week! In the meantime, check out my lip swatches and review…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set Lip Swatches and Review!”

  1. Angelie King

    Where’s sample Saturdays ?!?!?!

  2. Ashley Touchston

    I really want to get this but it does have a ton of reds. Red is my go to
    color but its too much red for even me. I’m after Lovecraft, Poe, and
    Slayer at the moment. I really want to get Vampira in the liquid lipstick
    but it is always sold out online and the nearest Sephora to me is almost
    two hours away.?

  3. Necro Hazard

    I agree with you about Hexagram. I do not think of bright reds when I think
    of a blood red. I mean – I would know hahah. I really, really LOVE
    Motorhead and Wonderchild on you! My gosh! Also Agatha is definitely my
    least favourite based off your lip swatch. :C I thought I would love it,
    but nein. ?

  4. wiggy Saurus

    I’ve been on the fence to get this since it’s such a great value, but it
    definitely does seem to have a lot of red, which I’m definitely not lacking
    in (and don’t wear often anyway). I love Agatha but I pretty much need to
    wear gloss over it to keep it from looking cracked on me, but it’s
    beautiful with a sheer nude gloss. I’ve had my eyes on Homegirl but it
    looks reeeeally dry from pics I’ve seen.?

  5. ReineDeLaSeine14

    Lovecraft looks AMAZING on you!?

  6. Anastacia Zara

    I love sets like this because it’s such an easy (and comparatively “cheap”)
    way to test out colors I wouldn’t normally purchase. Sine I almost never
    finish a tube of lipstick, it’s a much more cost-efficient way of
    purchasing a bunch of different colors. I’d rather buy this for $39 than
    nine full-size shades for $189 and end up throwing away half-used tubes
    three years from now. Fwiw, Lovecraft and Bachelorette were in last year’s
    set too, which had ten lipsticks (same size) for $39. I’m guessing it’s
    only nine this year because of the new packaging and shades. As a side
    note, I’ve found applying shades like Agatha under dark browns and wines
    can result in a really pretty (and unique) mauve or berry. Might be worth
    playing around with.?

  7. PurplePandaGalaxy

    i love your mirror :) where did u get it ??

  8. Wendy Temple

    Seriously. These smell so good. THey used to have that traditional gross
    lipstick scent before she changed the packaging but now they smell like
    Creme Brulee…YUM?

  9. Francesca Zee

    i wish they put more of the unusual colors in there. Like poe or coven.?

  10. Live The Good Life

    Motorhead is my fave color in this set and the one I would wear the most.
    The deathly looking beigey one doesnt look all that appealing, unless thats
    the look you’re going for.
    Have you tried the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks? I am very interested in a
    few of those and curious to know if you have a review or opinion on them,
    good or bad.?

  11. Carly Degard

    I own Wonderchilde and I loooove it over a lipliner. I also really
    recommend her liquid lipstick, because that stuff is amazing. I actually
    refer it over my velvetines.?

  12. Deanna Campbell

    Where’d you get your compact mirror from that’s in this video? I want it!

  13. Ali M.

    . Blood really is a very bright color partially dependent on your iron
    count and oxygen levels. So a true blood red really is quite bright. Not to
    be disgusting but blood doesn’t take on that darkened blackened hue until
    it starts to congeal. So I guess it’s the difference between fresh blood
    red and congealed blood red??

  14. Mandy Allgood

    Are you getting the star studded palette??

  15. MochiSims

    You look absolutely stunning in this video! I mean, I always think that you
    look pretty in your vids, but in this one you look so amazing! And the red
    lippie, the first one, is soooo stunning on you!?

  16. CallistoFascination

    Thanks for the swatches! I was just looking at this set yesterday but think
    I’ll pass. I have a Painted Love mini set from a few years ago that is
    pretty similar to it. I think Agatha is just a rename for Celebutard?
    Anyway Adora, Hellbent, and Backstage Bambi are my favs :) I really want to
    try Lolita, Poe, and Vampira!?

  17. Sirantha Jax

    I wish there was a bit more range in this set.. it’s very red heavy. But
    all of the colors look gorgeous on you!?

  18. Amber Pellegrini

    All those colors look beautiful on you :) I look weird with lipstick so I
    avoid it lol ?

  19. Digitaldream1116

    I wasn’t going to buy this set and now I want it!!!! You enable me =)?

  20. Devilsinspiration

    Many of these were fails, due to random formula issues which is unfortunate
    since the Painted Love were “better” according to people.XP She seems
    actually dedicated to the line and hands-on. >_< Plus there are some really
    more interesting colors that could have been tossed in over so many reds.
    Btw Celebutard got her SO MUCH hatred a few years after it came out. You
    will love Poe. I want it so badly for Christmas lol?

  21. hollynr77

    Wow, that very first color you put on looked amazing on you :) you really
    pull reds of really nice!?

  22. takashimamari

    I wasn’t planning on buying the set but now I want it dgi?

  23. Diana Hidalgo Díaz

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but those three red shades are way too
    similar. I would be dissapointed.?

  24. Alexis Rodriguez

    *runs out the door*

  25. JT Taylor

    I ordered it. So excited. I don’t own any of her lipsticks. ?

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