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Diagnosed with an unknown sleeping disorder, a young girl gets a tattoo representing the emotional hardships of missing out during her teenage years. For mor…

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23 Responses to “Sleeping Beauty – NY Ink”

  1. Nicole Mazurek

    Or I hate to say it Lupus?

  2. jamaica8857

    Looking good ?

  3. Sarina Hannon

    Perhaps Chronic Fatigue syndrome…?

  4. Jessica Loveless

    She should have a Lyme disease test done by a Lyme Literate MD. Every one
    of her symptoms in related to Lyme and post lyme disease syndrome. the
    problem is, if she is from an area that the CDC doesn’t recognize as being
    tick infested Dr’s don’t even know to test for it. ?

  5. skunkie110

    wow! She’s a beautiful girl. Get well soon honey.?

  6. Nymphea Rose

    That tattoo is beautiful!?

  7. DeNicoPeeke

    What an awesome tattoo, feeling sad for her desease ?

  8. GORMLESSwonder

    She’s been diagnosed as being a teenager.?

  9. Aylín Coral

    Cool 😀 !?

  10. Thao Nguyen

    The girl is pretty. Hope she get well soon?

  11. BlacklockTV

    “poked and prodded every week” Yeah I bet.?

  12. __MRG_ 64

    Very pretty. Keep strong, be strong and high hopes all the way?

  13. Stephanie Jouhari

    I have lukeamia and get poked and prodded with needles everyday and I want
    a tattoo to represent that aswell dont know what yet?

  14. blind foldme


  15. tom duong

    she’s pretty :D?

  16. Bruno Baruta

    Damn, the tattoo and the girl, both are AWESOME!?

  17. Tattoo Fonts

    thank you. good video.?

  18. elias foudi


  19. Morena Mares Altorf

    Very nice piece :3?

  20. Joyce Chen

    Epic tat?

  21. VaLkyR Anubis

    Once again, Megan did a stunning job and I really love this one, because it
    is kinda mind-blowing.

    About this young lady, I wish the best of luck for her life and future and
    it is very sad to see, that at this age she already has to deal with this
    kind of stuff. I mean, c’mon she has her whole life ahead of her.?

  22. James Rock

    I love megan…. NY Ink?

  23. Random Guy

    Megan Massacre <3 x?

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