Kat Von D : Star Studded Eyeshadow book : Studded Kiss Lipstick Set Holiday 2014 Posted by admin on October 9th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! :) More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing in this video :) So I was literally just going in and playing with makeup when I filmed this, I’m…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D : Star Studded Eyeshadow book : Studded Kiss Lipstick Set Holiday 2014”

  1. Mrslolalynn

    I love this look & the ponytail!!! You are beautiful Tara!! You have the
    best bone structure!!?

  2. Tarababyz

  3. Christina S.

    I see these as six quads (3 on each side)… Is this how we’re supposed to
    use them? And the names… “depeche”, “violator”… Made me think of
    “Depeche Mode” and their “Violator” album… I’m sure most people on this
    channel have never even hear of “Depeche Mode”…lol… Getting old…
    Thank you… I love all your reviews… :))?

  4. maggiesmakeuptv

    Great review, thank you!!

    Also, I really like the way you did this eye look – the cat eye without
    graphic liner. It looks beautiful and romantic, but still rocking’, you

  5. darklausal23

    It’s 2:24 am, in drunk and I stead of going to bed…need to know what’s up
    with know von d, I ordered both pallete and mini lipsticks, but there is so
    many mixed reviews.l, I trust you tho.?

  6. redlipstick79

    I think this is my all time favorite makeup look on you. Stunning!?

  7. Diva Makeup Queen ?

    You look gorgeous with this purple look!! By the way I recently started
    watching you and I really enjoy your videos!?

  8. Krystal Lynn

    Love your makeup today!!!! Thanks for the review! Xo?

  9. Marla Robinson

    I like this look on you. Love the eyes.?

  10. TL's Glam Chan

    Thanks for the review! I think I’m going to pass on this one, your eye look
    is beautful though! I got hers last holiday season and think I have used it
    twice….. xoxo Taralyn?

  11. iTendToWingIt

    I got one the studded kiss lipsticks and it was soooo drying. I was
    disappointed. Her foundation and shadows are decent tho, well the lock it
    foundation is kick ass. Want this palette! Thanks for your review.?

  12. mustlovedogs4ever1

    This is the first semi-good review I have heard about this palette lol. All
    others are pissed by it. The powder, the fall out, the chunky glitter of
    Gothika. I love the packaging and am so on the fence! I need to swatch in
    store I think.?

  13. Joyce Lee

    Tara, out of all the brands from sephora and department stores (ie
    nordstrom), which brands do you think make the most consistent
    palettes/quads/quints. And which brands are least consistant??

  14. Mely's Corner

    Stayed up late waiting for the upload and fell asleep. Glad I saw it now.
    Applause! I love your reviews +Tarababyz .?


    I have last years palette so I think I will be passing on this one. I did
    buy the lipstick mini’s though.?


    I actually really like the attached sheet! Way better then tarte -.- haha!
    Overall the palette is okay. Not horrible but not mind blowing :) love the

  17. dreamsofelegance

    Your eye makeup in this video is my favorite of life! OMG, so gorgeous,
    Tara! <3 ?

  18. WildVioletYT

    This is my fave look on u thus far, the shadows look so pretty. Such a
    shame about the lipsticks, the packaging is the best I have ever seen ?????

  19. PrettyPistol86

    THANK YOU for making me feel NOT crazy!! I had purchased ‘Lullaby’ from her
    Studded Kiss lipstick line initially when they were released & the formula
    was soo horrible, patchy & it *literally* felt like sandpaper (it was one
    with shimmer) on the lips…& I don’t just mean dry & drying & patchy, but
    feeling like actual sandpaper granules on the lips from the shimmer. I
    canNOT stand the new formula. I much much much prefer her old lipstick
    formula :'( but love both styles of packaging. I had the same issue with
    inner mouth build-up with the lipsticks & everyone thought I was nuts….?

  20. UnicornCouture

    Mmm, that lipstick. <3 love purple lips.?

  21. fa3ryg1rl1

    Love your makeup in this video!?

  22. Schuylar Aesthetics

    Swatched at Sephora and was not at all impressed. Great review/tutorial.
    xoxo Schuylar ?

  23. Sumeyya Ocal

    WOW! You look absolutely ravishing, this is quite possibly my favorite look
    on you! Tara you are astonishingly beautiful. God bless and keep you safe.?

  24. Liz Melo

    beautiful!!! ?

  25. Sheri Parsons

    This has to be my fave look that you’ve created! Just beautiful! ?

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