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Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! :) More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing in this video :) So lighting is pretty terrible in this video… but it was fun to spice it up a…

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25 Responses to “Minnesota Haul : Chanel, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Kat Von D”

  1. IndigobluBeauty

    welcome to MN! i hardly ever venture to the MOA but i was going to try and
    go to the mac store there the other day to try and grab some of the rocky
    horror stuff but everything was already mostly gone! have fun here!?

  2. ItsKatiesBeautyChannel

    Aww I hope you had fun in mn hun! Its super cold now if your still here, so
    keep warm sweets! Xoxo?

  3. Tenley B

    You are so pretty! I admire you’re collection! If you’re ever going through
    any of your stuff I’ll be happy to take it off your hands! ;p?

  4. Haley Wilson

    You look amazing and you have such a beautiful, contagious smile:) loved
    the video as alwsys…?

  5. mizzsantafe

    That CD quint looks beautiful on you! I’m going to have to get it.

  6. Flowerbomb31

    Sold!!!!!! Ga brow dip!! What?! Oh and those liners…dead xo?

  7. Rachel Haytsidt

    Dangnab, I was planning on blowing off the Chanel highlighter. I’m kinda
    shitty at using them, bc of the Hourglass Incandescent. It’s looking like
    another unnecessary purch will occur, dammut. Cannot wait to see da rest of
    le damaaaaggge :} ?

  8. txmommyofboys

    Those liners look great! ?

  9. Chelsea Garay

    I swatched the Kat Von D liner in the green one you didn’t get and almost
    bought it. It is stunning!! Love ya, girl! xoxo Chelsea?

  10. Marla Robinson

    I love that Dior eye shadow palette.?

  11. Heather King

    Nice haul! That Chanel highlighter though! :LOVE: Thanks for sharing! ?

  12. SullenxRiot182

    The Lightning liners are so awesome. I should have bought more than just
    the purple when I was at Sephora lol. Did you get the holiday palette yet?
    I just got it in yesterday and love it! Except for 2 of the purple shades,
    for some reason they’re insanely dry which is weird because I’ve never had
    that issue with her shadows before!?

  13. BeautyByMrsOutlaw

    You got some amazing stuff!!!! Adding a few of these to my list! Thanks
    girl! Xo Ivett ?

  14. MegaLastingBeauty

    YOUR eyes look amazing..ooh got check out those liners mmm?

  15. MakeupByLindsey91

    I NEED those Kat von d eyeliners!! I really have been loving her tattoo
    eyeliner. I didn’t think I would, because I normally don’t like those types
    of eyeliners. It has been my holy grail recently! I would love to see an
    entire display of the MUFE eyeshadows. You are looking really beautiful
    today! Xox?

  16. sarah webb

    I want thst dior palette but not paying that much for it.?

  17. Christina S.

    They eyebrow color from Armani is perfect for you!!! It’s amazing!!!
    Makes such a huge difference… And your hair looks beautiful in this
    video as well… ?

  18. Kala Anderson

    Please do a what’s in my travel makeup bag video!! xoxo?

  19. Maquillage79

    If you happen to see that guerlain holiday palette , let us know your
    thoughts . ?

  20. Skye Todd Makeup Artistry

    If you have super dry lips, you should try the Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturizer.
    It’s amazing! It’s better than anything else I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a

  21. RamblingsnGrace

    Woo awesome haul! I will have to look at that Armani brow stuff! And the
    KVD liners look like a must have for me! Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to
    see if you got anything else! :)?

  22. Carolyn Campbell

    Have just added the Dior e/s palette to my “to get” list. Just stunning :) ?

  23. MzSanchez87

    Hey I live in MN!! Great haul, like all your hauls:)?

  24. WildVioletYT

    Awesome haul ???? I love your makeup so much in this video! That highlight is
    beautiful x?

  25. Schuylar Aesthetics

    Great haul! And now I “need” those Kat Von D liners lol. I kept wondering
    what your liner was. xoxo Schuylar ?

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