Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book: Live Swatches & Review Posted by admin on October 5th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book: Live Swatches & Review”

  1. NAILgasmTV

    Beautiful colors for a single palette. I wonder how well they wear, might
    have to pick this one up!?

  2. Heather King

    I still can’t decide whether I want this palette or not. Thank you for
    taking the time to swatch all of the shades and sharing your review. ?

  3. SullenxRiot182

    I was starting to think my Gothica and Fascination Street colors were duds
    in my palette! I don’t know how those 2 made it through, they’re sooo dry
    compared to the other shadows.?

  4. Alexandra Stubbs

    This is a stunning Eyeshadow Book. Thank you so very,very much for sharing
    this! I love it! =D Your videos are always the best.?

  5. 1pimpafro

    Thank you for the review. I have to watch your review before I purchase any
    makeup due to your honesty. I love the majority of the colors will think
    about it, soon for the holidays, there will be so many gift sets and
    palletes we won’t know what to do LOL!?

  6. Bon Parisien

    WOW! Those shadows are sooooo pretty! :O?

  7. Kawanna Hardy

    I absolutely Love your reviews!! They’re always so in depth!! Tfs ?

  8. Lory D

    Thanks for the swatches and another great video. I think overall it’s a
    pretty good palette and I might pick it up if nothing else better comes
    out. I’m definitely eyeing the new lorac mega pro palette. Can’t wait to
    see swatches for that. :-) ?

  9. hollisteez

    I wish this palette wouldve gotten released as 6 quads. If that were the
    case, I would’ve picked up 3 of them.

    Can you do a swatch review video on the Lorac Mega Pro palette??

  10. bozzie83

    Please do a makeup geek eyeshadow review!!! ?

  11. kayuniquebreeze

    This palette is pretty until gothika and fascination. TFS. ?

  12. Tracy Spencer

    Will be passing in this swatched it at sephora not great. Much better
    pallettes my opinion?

  13. cattyblue21

    Thanks for the swatches. I can see the ‘misses’ but there are a lot of
    ‘hits’. I am going to get it. I have a love/hate relationship with her
    eyeshadows… tfs?

  14. Kary Cortazar

    Thank you for reviewing!!!!?

  15. Kara Yaghmaee

    The colors don’t look too original to me.?

  16. Allura Beauty

    Kat Von D’s new holiday palette is here!?

  17. darlingmoon

    These colors are so pretty! I have to get this palette…!?

  18. Maria Gh

    i think your videos are very helpful and you deserve alot more subs. :* i
    like that you get right to the point and give your honest opinion and
    impressions. thx for the vids?

  19. Rebecca White

    I wonder if any of these shades are similar to those in those famous but
    discontinued palettes of hers, like Beethoven, etc. I never managed to get
    hold of those and suddenly they were gone, so I’d be happy if I could get
    them this way.?

  20. Andy N

    I’m trying to not buy anymore eyeshadow palettes because I have enough! ?

  21. Nadia Galvan

    It looks good , but not all the colors are great ,just some…at least to
    me ????
    Great review as always ?.?

  22. Snoz Berries

    This shadows are beautiful but this palette does nothing for…. *le sigh*?

  23. Fatima Rakha

    i have the spellbinding book from last year, i prefer it more, i think i
    will skip on this despite the beautiful packaging ?

  24. dmonica97

    I would have preferred if there weren’t 6 different highlight shades out of
    the 24, not a big fan of the 6 quad idea because of that. If this were sold
    as 6 separate quads then I would buy half of them — the top left, lower
    left, and upper right quads. Overall I think I’d skip this though…?

  25. Jasmine Pham

    I love and appreciate all your reviews! Always really informative! ?????

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