Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick First Impression, Review and Live Swatches Posted by admin on October 3rd, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick First Impression, Review and Live Swatches in the shades Coven and Poe. Now you can finally purchase a matte lavender and a s…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick First Impression, Review and Live Swatches”

  1. Neo Bellus

    poe looks amazing on u! i was thinking about getting motorhead and homegirl
    (i think those are the names), but i saw swatches of it on someone and it
    looked really drying and streaky/patchy :( im gonna wait for more reviews

  2. cldcollector

    I’d definitely like a tutorial on how to wear matte lipsticks. ?

  3. Ayana Tucker

    I love Poe I want it! Nice video ?

  4. Uniquely Tisa

    So I just looked on sephora’s website…coven is sold out ?????

  5. Bodacious

    I don’t know if its the lighting but it looks like you swatched Kelly Yum
    Yum instead of Dodgy Girl.

    I do love Poe on you x?

  6. Betti Boot

    Coven is a given, but damn girl you know how to rock that Poe lippy like no
    ones business, love it. I could see the difference while you were applying
    them, Coven seems a tad more work, but a beauty none the less. I will be
    checking these lippies out for sure.:) thanks for sharing. Oh! P.s. Love
    the butter knife;) lol?

  7. xoxopascha

    Coven is sold out! Sadnessss?

  8. 4evahazeleyez

    OMG! I need that navy…. It looks fab on you! And Coven is a true
    Lavender, very pretty! Tfs! ?

  9. figuremom

    I need Poe in my life… Georgeous on you. What nail polish are you
    wearing? It is very pretty on you.?

  10. spaceysno1girl .

    I got Poe and love it, i havent been able to get coven as its permanently
    sold out and as im in UK im waiting for Sephora to restock – thank goodness
    they started to ship to the UK xx?

  11. xoxopascha

    Love! I’m ordering Poe, Slayer and Wolvesmouth.?

  12. Nicole Gatewood

    Omggggg. I need Poe. It is soooo beautiful?

  13. Rayveniael Kel'Adoria

    Poe really works on you! I love it! ?

  14. Twann Butler

    I am a new subbie and I also follow you on Instagram @ twannmason
    Thanks for the review!?

  15. lalakittyluv

    Poe looks great on you I need all the shades ?

  16. CoolInOlympia

    Poe looks GREAT on you!!!?

  17. Crystal Cook

    I believe kat von d thought there was no struggle to find that big lipstick
    at the bottom of any purse. Nice review!?

  18. KIKAO21

    Poe rocks!!?

  19. April Mitchell

    I love the colors great review! I’m a 45 year old women who is new to make
    uo nit sure how to pair that blue one which was my absolute favorite!!!!
    ant suggestion ??

  20. lachicasucia

    that blue is absolutely beautiful
    both colors are too daring for me lol, but they look great on you?

  21. nikkijam66

    Can u do a tutorial on how to wear crazy colored lips (blues, purples,
    black, etc.) thanks!?

  22. Woodsofbelltrees

    Holy whoa! I thought that Coven looked great on you and then I saw Poe and
    it was so striking! Either one is great by that navy, LOVE it! ?

  23. Heather King

    #KatVonD #StuddedKiss #Lipstick First Impression, #Review and Live #Swatches:

  24. BeckyHelene

    I ordered this in L’ecole de Femes, countess, and adora, earlier this week
    and getting them today. I’m already excited because yay arrival of new
    makeup and especially Kat Von D since I’ve been really obsessed with her
    line, but now I’m even more excited thanks to going through my YouTube
    subscriptions and watching this, haha. :)?

  25. Sheena Danielle

    Heather you look AMAZING in Poe! I like Coven too but something about Poe
    is just lipstick heaven! ?????

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