How To Use Lock-It Powder Foundation by Kat Von D Posted by admin on September 30th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: How to get this look Step 1: Prep skin using the Rehab Priming Elixir Step 2: Apply the Lock-It Tattoo Concealer to any blemishes or dark…

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25 Responses to “How To Use Lock-It Powder Foundation by Kat Von D”

  1. Imogen Maye

    Would be awesome if your cosmetics were available from a UK store.?

  2. thekatvond

  3. AlyssaAttackk

    What blemishes? Your naked face was already flawless!?

  4. SullenxRiot182

    My favorite foundation EVER!?

  5. shanna knepp

    girl you have them pretty tiny eyes like i do i cant use them huge brushes
    i would love it if you would create the great fluffy blending brushes that
    are huge but make them the exact same just petite for us girls with littler
    eyes love ya chic your an amazing woman im a huge fan?

  6. v valentine

    I need to order all your makeup ugh !!!!!?

  7. Aryana S

    you don’t even need foundation omg so perf?

  8. Anthony Fay

    Kat please come to Ireland it’s my dream to get a tattoo from you <3?

  9. Tiffany


  10. Cookie Leigh

    You have beautiful skin!?

  11. mellie49er

    Your skin is FLAWLESS!!!! ?

  12. candi0826

    Girl you don’t even need Makeup. Flawless skin ?

  13. Luisa Lorca

    You have a “tough” look from the tattoos, but then you’re voice is angelic,
    and your face glows like a Spanish painting….maybe Zurbaran. Amazing.
    Hermosa y misteriosa!!?

  14. Anwen Williams

    Gorgeous without make up!!!
    Something looks a bit different though…?
    Wish I had skin like Kat – so beautiful !!! ?

  15. Zitlaly Garcia

    . . Even without makeup her skin looks like its just . . . uhg. BEAUTIFUL!!?

  16. Freddie Calderon

    Your toooo lovely ?

  17. Jasmine Rangel

    I don’t use any concealer for the purpose where it looks cakes on! But wow!
    Yours I must try it makes it look super natural! :)?

  18. youngforever123456

    I found when using a sponge to apply powder it made me look ashy…. Um ur
    lucky it looks so flawless on u i just wear foundation now a days people
    tolled me its only for oily skin u use powder but i realize yah this is a
    powder foundation and most likely wont break out as much as i would wet
    liquid bb or foundation cremes. I love u kat i follow u on instag and ive
    really loved ur makeup products including ur eye shadow and eyeliners !!!!!
    Plz follow me or give me some feed back id love that and appreicate it .
    Btw im from ny but moved to arkansas ! Love u . Your an inspiration to me?

  19. Agus

    How amazing can a makeup line get!?!?!??

  20. patizinhapoars

    Absolutelly gorgeous!?

  21. AshleyDownethCaylor

    Kat, you’re a badass bitch and I love you! Your makeup line is amazing and
    I own almost everything in it. I met you in your last book tour and I hope
    to see you again soon!! <3?

  22. Nana Müller

    Skincare Routine????

  23. Jackiee Galvan

    You are gorgeous! ?

  24. Victoria Hernandez

    Que chula estas?

  25. Mia Dehumanized

    Kat is one of the most attractive people ever, holy shit.
    In other news that foundation looks lovely. lol.?

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