GRWM Fall Copper Eyes KAT Von D Palette! Posted by admin on September 25th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “GRWM Fall Copper Eyes KAT Von D Palette!”

  1. HarkerBeauty

    ohhh weee this look is amazing!!!!!!?

  2. Lu G

    I love bronze or copper colors and this one is gorgeous! My eyes are much
    older than yours, so if my lid color has a little shimmer, I have to use a
    matte crease color (usually a neutral or sometimes I use a matte,
    light-colored bronzer in my crease). I freaking love that Jordana mascara
    and pretty much always have a back-up! *Loving* that blue essie nail color
    on you! I love a good babble from you! haha ??


    Yes I want to hear you babbling! Haha!!! Love this look on you!!?

  4. PugsandPearls

    You should do more GRWM videos! Enjoyed it!?

  5. Karina Kaboom


  6. G Bravo

    Pls do more videos. You have such pretty eyes! Gloria in CA?

  7. Steelnpurple

    Love these videos! Great look, that eyeshadow is stunning!?

  8. Marti Forney

    Great GRWM!! ?

  9. christy cole

    Keep them coming! You make it look so easy… I cannot get over the
    intimidation I feel about liquid liner.. So any pointers about converting
    from using pencil to liquid would be appreciated :)?

  10. ilovedessert1

    Yes more videos please?

  11. Qsh QSh

    More GRWM videos please ? Thank you Karina?

  12. Soapy WaxWorld

    OMG Karina, you are so pretty without makeup too <3 Your skin looks
    FLAWLESS!!! PLEASE do more of these videos because I find that you do
    makeup so EASY & QUICK ;)…I'm DEF gonna get that concealer…thank you
    for showing it <3 I don't use foundation either…OMG, loooove the lip
    color <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you for showing Karina <3 Xoxo Marisol?

  13. Ashley Marie

    So so pretty! Love the look and this was awesome watching you put it on and
    talk about the products:) ?

  14. Danielle Kelley

    Really great video Karina! Love your fall look (:?

  15. Tina Lozano

    I am so glad you do not pile 10 pounds of make-up on. Just keep it simple,
    natural, and beautiful?

  16. Lacey T

    Good info on sigma. :) Ty ?


    Check out this video on YouTube:?

  18. Tracy Talley

    Haha you do the same thing I do, Love you Karina!!! So real lol?

  19. Jennavecia Sala

    very nice —- . i m in love with . like this—- “discontinued” sorry
    !—– — eyeshadow – powder like :O — . it is like a — coppery —
    2— but more reddish – pink! :O :) — . i guess it depends what u want 2
    do! —- i love — coppery! :O :) – really nice shade u got there!- when i
    go in sephora – i always get that shade! :O :) – try on– :)! – ?

  20. CuteBerry13

    This look is really pretty perfect for fall?

  21. Makeup Mally

    Yes more GRWM!?

  22. PolishedWay S

    That is crazy about the sigma brushes. What horseshit. Thanks again for
    your honesty. Yes do more of these, I like them.?

  23. Yadira Trujillo

    The lipstick you used before the MAC lipgloss, looks so amazing on you.
    Loved it! (: Do more.?

  24. CuteBerry13

    Wow that concealer is really good?

  25. Lacey T

    Love ur jersey accent:) much ???

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