Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick LUV, A Go-Go, Backstage Bambi review swatches Posted by admin on September 24th, 2014 | Comments (18) |

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18 Responses to “Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick LUV, A Go-Go, Backstage Bambi review swatches”

  1. theopengrave

    what other lipsticks dont transfer? i always have a problem with that. ?

  2. sanders kennedy

    Love the look girl. I was just thinking “side bitches” will love this bc
    they won’t have to worry about getting lipstick on who evers man they r
    $@?&. Idk y that came to mind lol. But any way great review. Lol ?

  3. Devon Antoine

    Once I get off my no buy I need in on these. They are pretty… Love your

  4. Tammy Corrigan

    Beautiful colors love that they last so long, my birthday is this Saturday
    I’m going shopping so I just may have to pick up a few at sephora, thanks
    for the review?

  5. Samantha Sandy

    What about flaking? I know all the long wearing liquid lipsticks I’ve tried
    flake off really bad?

  6. Rossana Brando

    Wonderful review!!! I’m italian and i ALWAYS follow you!!!! Have you got
    other shades? I really love the shade “Bauhau5″. Have you got it? Did you
    show it in a video?:) thank you so much! XO XO ?

  7. French Vanilla

    How does it wear with a gloss on top? Would it mess with the formula and
    cause separation??

  8. Color Elated

    Nice review. I love the colors you chose.?

  9. YourMagicGirl

    Great review as always! I’m in LOVE with this line! I feel like it doesn’t
    get the hype it deserves. For instance. …When it comes to these vs the
    newer tooface melts I much prefer these! What I am interested in trying are
    the suedeberry and pinkberry from limecrime. Now how do the Everlasting
    liquid lipsticks by KVD compare to those iyho? +Nix92585 ?

  10. Michelle Alvarez

    Theres any color that doesnt look good on you…?? LOL giirrrl you can wear
    whatever color you want because its going to look good! I have l.u.v and i
    love it!?

  11. Sarah Miller


  12. Shaira Lugo

    I love Kat Von D lipsticks are awesome!!!?

  13. 1pimpafro

    I want the LUV, but it sold out, hoping to get it soon. Nice review,

  14. Vanessa Sanchez

    Sold!!! Thanks for the review?

  15. elmwicks

    I am so glad you reviewed these! I’ve been searching for reviews. I wanted
    to get LUV (purple lip lover!!) but went with Jeffree instead. Completely
    eyeing Vampira.

  16. sandi ortega

    Ok I need this in my life asp!?

  17. LifeofJo

    For me it would be purple pink & red! Lol?

  18. Sherley Phinnisee

    Beautiful colors, love the review TFS?

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