Review and Demo of Kat Von D Lockit Tattoo Foundation Posted by admin on September 21st, 2014 | Comments (25) |

foundation review.

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25 Responses to “Review and Demo of Kat Von D Lockit Tattoo Foundation”

  1. Bridget Wimberley

    Today was the first day I tried this foundation and so far I love it.
    Going to treat myself for my Bday. Thanks?

  2. My Wig Garden

    I ????, love, love this foundation too, but I’m usung it sparingly because I
    too have D70, which they no longer sell. ?????

  3. Myisha Ray

    Very Beautiful, Luv! Your makeup is amazing!!!!!?

  4. bibleverse1

    what kind of makeup brush you’re using? Im on the hunt for a good dense
    buffing brush and can’t find one. Elf has a flat top brush but its not
    dense enough to buff cream to power makeup on.?

  5. 1ColleWorld

    Simply beautiful. Your skin is flawless. Love it! ?

  6. InsideBeauty28

    You are HILARIOUS! I cracked up at 5:00…Going to sample this TODAY!?

  7. QueenV

    U wear ur foundation well:-) ?

  8. Anna Banana

    Amazing Demo n Review?

  9. Aisyah Noor

    SOLD. You are amazing at educating your audience about a product!?

  10. Bertha Wilson

    Gone girl I love your personality! Get it diva lol. I’m thinking about
    trying this foundation like tomorrow go buy it tape lol I just hope sephora
    has my shade. New subbie in me?

  11. Kesha Kelly

    Are you still using this??

  12. Karla Vataggiano

    Wow!!! your face looks FA-BO-LO-US!! Im going to have to retire the
    smashbox studio skin?

  13. Bdeezy1953

    Have you tried this w/a wet beauty blender sponge, wondering if it would
    give me more slip and time to apply since it dries so fast? Thank much! ?

  14. MrSHoNeYbEaR001

    Wow!!!!!! I need this in my life ?????

  15. Taii212

    SOLDDDD! i need to find this in the uk #asap?

  16. Jessica Doll

    I really love this review im sold on it new subbie :)?

  17. kafilarosa

    Wow girl this looks amazing on u.?

  18. Blu Magik


  19. alexis calvin

    Thank yu :)?

  20. alexis calvin

    so yu made me want to qet this lol….i have a question im nw 47 in mac
    studio fluid fix && i wanted to know what would be my shade in this
    foundation ??

  21. xxMakeUpFetishxx


  22. Kiaaj ferrera

    we need to do a callab to

  23. MoDiva38

    Looks like an amazing product! I might treat myself to it! Thanks for

  24. msjuicey0315

    Have you tried any other colors since the deep 70 is no longer being sold?

  25. xxMakeUpFetishxx

    You’re more than welcome…tell me how you like it!!

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