Kat Von D Coven Studded Kiss Lipstick Review Posted by admin on September 18th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Coven Studded Kiss Lipstick Review”

  1. Princess Panda

    You are trying way too hard to be funny. Stop all the useless jump cuts and
    quit the “jokes” ?

  2. Al Sh

    you remind me of avril lavigne in this video back in 2006 lol ?

  3. The Glamorous Life

    Great review Sam, very thorough . I have to agree that its not a color that
    most people can use. If you are very young ( like HS) and want to do that
    whole dramatic scene then I say sure! Do it! only time you really can do
    that is when you’re still in school ( without looking foolish I mean) I do
    think it would look better on you if you didn’t do much to your eyes except
    some heavy winged liner, no shadow and lashes. Then it could be a look you
    may want to rock when going out etc. But I agree, not many can work with
    this color! Kat xx?

  4. Makeupwithsusy


  5. Natalie Raine

    I think it would look much better with a neutral eye.?

  6. Emily W

    Sam I love you SO much! You are my favorite youtuber! You are amazing!?

  7. Shelby Brown

    I thin it makes you look a little dead (not hating)?

  8. Brooke Benning

    When are u guys moving ?

  9. Sarah Ko

    Why is the lighting and coloring so off!??

  10. Celina Thiara


  11. Madison Prince

    Love you soo much you are so beautiful!!!!!! ???? please never stop being a
    YouTube till you die!!?

  12. grace r.

    can you return a lipstick after you have used it??

  13. Shir Sutton

    11 view !!! ?

  14. Emma Miller

    purple lipsticks are known to make your teeth look yellow no matter how
    white they are!! :-( id love to try one out but it puts me off lol xx?

  15. Rachael Anne

    This definitely seems like a hard color to pull off! ?

  16. Tera Saunders

    Do you know what the word “sleek” means hun? Lol, having letters engraved
    on the lipstick bullet doesn’t make it sleek. Maybe cool, but not sleek.
    Lol, no hate. Just don’t want you sounding dumb.?

  17. Taylor Snead

    I do really love that first lime crime purple lipstick though?

  18. Kennedy M

    I think it looks wayyyy better than Limecrime and/or Mac.?

  19. talkalotgirlhaley

    i think it looks similar to chinchilla by lime crime. idk it may look
    completely different than this lipstick but i think it looks like it has
    the same grey undertone look?

  20. amy vigna

    I love this on you, I think it doesn’t work in this video because of the
    darker eyes, if you went lighter with the eyebrows and just some mascara
    and a winged line, it would look AMAZING… Love you always Sam! ?

  21. melody critchlow

    hey sam what eyeshadow are you wearing I love it I look like a damn raccoon
    whenever I try to wear/apply black eyeshadow?

  22. carolcarol92

    i personally think it suits you! haha i love the color! ?

  23. Dbubblesss28

    I don’t like it either. Why is everyone wearing these odd colors? It’s not

  24. Kimberlyy Higueraa

    @Piinksparkles did you see Nina’s tag video? She tagged you ?????

  25. sunnydayforever1

    I think it gives teeth a yellow looking tone,and I think it washes you out
    bad…you look far prettier with nudes,and baby pinks.?

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