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The first of my 6 NYC haul videos is here and to start with i thought i’d show you all the things i got from Kat Von D, Make Up Forever, Hourglass & Dior! ? …

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25 Responses to “SEPHORA HAUL ? Kat Von D, Make Up Forever, Hourglass & Dior!”

  1. MouseyPeach

    Before I get wrapped up in this video I wanted to say that you look
    beautiful here! Your hair is great and your makeup is spot on perfection. ?

  2. the mighty claw

    see, i am dumb and never save spending money for when i go travelling, so
    anything i do buy goes on my credit card D:?

  3. Root.651.025.68.HSHW

    Great vid, but nothing is getting in focus when you show the colour
    swatches, so its really hard to actually see the colour. Maybe its too
    fast, not sure. Also kinda the same when you show the products.?

  4. chiseledDwadle

    I think it would be best to put all the videos out at once just so you can
    get it out of the way and we can see all the products you got before you
    start doing videos using them. And that haircut looks absolutely wonderful
    on you!?

  5. Alex Blair

    Kaeyi your new hair cut looks sooo good and pretty aahhhh llookkkss ssoo
    cute!! Maybe one day you should try them in little high piggie tails and
    see how adorible you look!!!! Ahhh!! Your soo pretty it makes me cry?

  6. Becca Mead

    Great vid im so jealous! Could you do close ups of the searches though? X?

  7. akeny1

    What you can buy Elf in a drug store i all ways order my Elf makeup
    straight from the website i usually wait for a sale to hit before i buy any
    thing ?

  8. bananaphone2010

    Your hair looks lovely! You suit it so much! I’m going to have to try that
    Kat Von D eyeliner. I’ve been looking for a liquid liner that has a thin
    tip and is precise and that one looks amazing and exactly what I’m looking
    for! Also, perhaps, for the videos, one be posted either everyday or every
    two days? :) x?

  9. thecrockerdile

    Lookin georgous?

  10. kishigod

    Could you please release the hauls after each other? I’m sooo excited for
    them :’)?

  11. itsALICEduh

    Girl you be banging! Give me all the hauls!?

  12. Clemie Bateson

    After seeing your new haircut I want short hair and a fringe again haha
    (and I am in love with your eyeliner, it looks amazing on you!)?

  13. Lozzie Ricketts

    I adore your new hair Kaeyi! It really suits you~ And upload the videos all
    in one go!!?

  14. Abigail23

    Is it just me or does kaeyi’s new hair cut make her look a bit like Jessie
    J? And it looks really good!!?

  15. Grace Lee

    I think you should serperate the things you gonna show in subjects like
    nailpolish etc. and then put in the description below when you talk about
    different things.?

  16. Reverie Terribly

    Your new hair suits you so much! The blunt fringe looks awesome on you. ^_^
    It’s been so exciting to have read what you wanted, see you actually buy
    everything in NY, and now see you here reviewing them! I don’t know how you
    picked, everything just looks wonderful. :D?

  17. Hazel Weatherall

    I love your look, have been following your various channels for a good long
    while now but whenever you show swatches they’re never exposed/focussed
    right and I can’t tell what you’re showing >_< I think it would be useful
    to have a high res photo at the end, showing swatches and make-up close-ups
    when you do tutorials!?

  18. Taylor Donaghy

    Your hair is really beautiful kaeyi it suits you?

  19. areawolf

    That headband looks SOOO cute with your new haircut!!!?

  20. Sam Nicholas

    All in one go please! So pretty!?

  21. Awko potato

    GREAT video as always, Kaeyi! Keep up the great work beautiful! :)?

  22. MusyVideos

    I’m happy to be living the Sephora dream vicariously through you here :). I
    had never heard of Sephora before I went to Rome last year and i didn’t
    have any brands figured out so I just bought a Shiseido luminizing Satin
    Eye Colour Trio (having eyed up their eyeshadows in various department
    stores and duty-frees for as long as I’ve worn makeup) and a set of Sephora
    brushes. Looking back I could have spent much more and I wish I had.?

  23. Enveena B

    The Kat Von D Lipstick Wolvesmouth is gorgeous! And the name is amazing. I
    do have a bit of trouble with the bright lighting reflecting some colours
    but that might be because of my crappy laptop even on highest setting XD. I
    think your hair looks wonderful. As for the vids I would say put them all
    out in one go and show all the Lovely make up you got. <3?

  24. Crystal Tinsley

    Hey Kaeyi, loved the vid would like to see more tutorials if possible
    please! :) ?

  25. Macy Horton

    May I say you look like Cleopatra with the eyeliner..! So pretty?

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