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Hey guys! Thanks so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed! I’m sorry this is up late! : ( C O N N E C T W I T H M E: Y O U T U B E : T W I T T E R : http://ww…

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13 Responses to “wednesday wins & whomps: kat von d, laura geller, erin condren & more!”

  1. meemee410

    I read that many book in a week?

  2. Sam

    I’ve missed you!! Hope your semester goes well. By the way, you look EXTRA
    beautiful in this video! :)?

  3. KatieBee

    I never thought to use a detangler spray either..that’s genius! Gonna have
    to pick some of that up haha ?

  4. nancyohh

    I would be so freaking sad if all that hair was pulled from my head D;
    Great to see ya again Dacey :)?

  5. daceycouture

    A day late… but here are my Wednesday Wins & Whomps! ?

  6. Katlyn Gibbs

    I have to use a detangle spray or a leave in conditioner every night. ?

  7. Melissa Jones

    what shade did you get in the laura gellar powder??

  8. Laura Allen

    You are just adorable! I found you quite by accident, searching info.for EC
    Lifeplanners, and I’m so glad I did. I’m a make-up loving okie too….just
    a “wee” bit older than you, lol. You are a gorgeous young woman and I
    really enjoy your videos! Keep them coming as you can and have an awesome

  9. carrieandT

    I use that same detangling spray too and I love it! also- I have always
    wondered what those colorful things are in the cubbies behind you? have a
    great semester!?

  10. ii HeyItsCookie ii

    first comment?

  11. Mindy Jeansonne

    You’re back, Dacey!!!!!!!! I missed you <3?

  12. Dominique Simmons

    Love your hair! I need to go buy hot rollers now :)?

  13. Jenny Callahan

    Girl I have super think and really long hair too. I HAVE to use detangler
    or I’m literally standing in the shower with conditioner in it, combing for
    like an hour, no joke! A friend of mine sells avon and they just came out
    with a dupe for the its a ten leave in treament. Its called Advance
    techniques Reconstruction 7 leave in treatment. It is Amazing! Detangles
    like nothing I’ve ever used, plus it has keratin and other nutrients and
    can double as a heat protectant. Its a ten is like $20 for the smallest
    size and this is only $7.99. Also I tried those same scunnci hair bands and
    they were AWFUL! I used them on my 7 and 5 year olds, who have thick long
    hair and we literally had to cut them out! It was such a disaster! Great
    favorites! I also am an avid reader, though I’m not sure I could read 70 in
    that amount of time LOL! I’m definitely going to check out that book! Are
    you on Goodreads? Sorry for the looonnnggg comment! :)?

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