Everyday Foundation Routine w/ the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation,! Posted by admin on September 12th, 2014 | Comments (10) |

My first makeup tutorial! Super excited about sharing this with you all! Comments are welcome oh and please excuse the t.v. in the background lol via YouTube…

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10 Responses to “Everyday Foundation Routine w/ the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation,!”

  1. TheShdavis1980

    Very pretty! Do you use a facial primer? I have oily skin, and I am trying
    to find a good one bc I am prob about to purchase the Kat Von D foundation.
    I am loving the reviews on it!?

  2. Mali Williams

    Where did you get the makeup sponge?????

  3. lilly sanyu

    you are so cute! what is you use on your face? have you tried acne.org!?

  4. Nia Burgess

    Your eyeshadow and foundation is flawless. But your brows are a bit too
    much for day to day wear. I would suggest a shorter brow that is filled in
    more lightly. Of course it’s up to you but it would suit your look better.?

  5. Betty Buccaneer

    Very professional and very pretty.?

  6. Mikiyah Davis

    Great.. A couple things though your eyebrows are a little too “fierce” lol
    for a day to day look and you really do talk a lot maybe edit it? Idk 23
    minutes is long for a simple day to day routine.?

  7. bibleverse1

    Your makeup is pretty, but the eye brows are wayyy too long and harsh for
    your face. If you calm them down the completed look would be beautiful.?

  8. Aaminah Muhammad

    gorgeous!!!!! have you learned to speed up the videos with voice overs

  9. Jas Cooper

    I need an eyebrow tutorial!! Love this! I am seeing progress Kim. Love you!?

  10. SydRichi

    I was really interested in seeing how you use this foundation. I’ve been
    using it for months and I have the same shade. It isn’t exactly the best
    shade for me either, but after I finish my whole face and let it set, it
    looks fine! Foundation is always tricky! Yours looks great! ?

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