Kat Von D – Beethoven, Bagatelle Posted by admin on September 6th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

I heart Ludwig Van Beethoven. xo, KvD.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D – Beethoven, Bagatelle”

  1. Bene Prado

    i have a request moonlight sonata… :) ?

  2. Carolina Oliveira

    I’m playing this on my piano lessons! Awesome song. In love with it. And
    now that I know that you play it too…wow :D?

  3. patizinhapoars

    Wowwwwwwwwwww amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Willow Star

    He’d no doubt be very proud : )

  5. xSoLongAndGoodnight1

    Beautiful, I wish I could okay!

  6. Isadora Melo

    I heart you, Kat!

  7. Gina Cangin

    Just Love you Kat!!!! AMazing!!!

  8. SullenxRiot182

    Is there anything you’re NOT awesome at? haha love you Kat!

  9. chris gray

    A lovely surprise.

  10. Matthew Roschlein

    So Nice

  11. rebekahwilson483

    You should learn to play Sonata No. 5: Allegro molto e con brio by LvB –
    I’m doing it for my final piano exam and it’s great fun to play 😀

  12. Reader1717


  13. Ken Tremain

    I wish I could play Piano!

  14. j2916 luis levano

    it would be such a tide wave to meet her*

  15. jennyStyles

    I love you Kat((= miss you!

  16. Traci Sereneck

    wow! what can’t you do!

  17. Nancy Campbell

    I love watching you play! Please keep these videos coming! :)

  18. Melissa Hevenor

    Please play for longer I love it! Xoxo

  19. ella k.

    kat. 21 seconds is not enough. I need more of this talent. AND WHENNNNN IS

  20. heippaska a

    awesome ! <3

  21. Contraproductive

    nothing better than a badass chick playing some classical music. you’re the
    best kat.

  22. Donna Cometa

    Kat you are beautiful, a talented tattoo artist, and pianist!

  23. JLT Romes-Banter-Clan

    You are so talented ! :3

  24. KreeptOut

    How bout some Igor Stravinsky?

  25. remembertheunknown

    loving the vintage camera effects 😀 xox

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